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11 Types of Marketing Collateral

What is marketing collateral?


Marketing collateral is a type of media or advertisement material used along the sales cycle to highlight a company’s product or service. There is a diverse range of marketing collateral, both digital and print collateral, but a key focus is on communicating the brand.

With multiple types of marketing collateral, there are many options to choose from when marketing a service, product, and brand. Deciding on the correct types contributes to the success and process of the marketing or sales goal. While there are numerous types of marketing collateral examples, the following is a marketing collateral list of 11 popular types used in business.

11 Types of Marketing Collateral

1) Blog posts

A blog post is a tool popular among businesses to increase digital presence and gain website traffic. They present an opportunity for the company to build brand awareness by addressing topics or problems that their targeted audience can relate to. Additionally, a blog post can include a call to action in order for the company to gain leads.

2) Ebooks

An Ebook is a tool used to showcase the company’s expertise in the industry or field by taking an educational direction. An Ebook presents a complicated topic in a manner that the reader can easily understand by using casual and appealing voice and design.

3) White papers

White papers are similar to Ebooks as they are longer, in-depth collateral focused on a specific topic. Although white papers are more technical and rely heavily on research and data, they are useful during the consideration phase by offering a credible source of the company’s knowledge and leadership in the field.

4) Landing pages

A landing page is a separate page in addition to the website that has the sole purpose of persuading a visitor to take a specific action. Marketing campaigns use a specific call to action landing page to make the intent straightforward and easy for the audience to understand, such as guiding them to fill out a form in exchange for a downloadable document.

5) Case studies

Case studies are visual and textual highlights of previous work and processes. It allows the potential client to view examples of past work related to their needs and the positive results in order to build trust in the company’s capabilities. Case studies are helpful during the consideration stage to encourage the lead to make a decision.

6) Testimonials

A testimonial is positive feedback from a client explaining their experience and outcomes from working with the company. Testimonials allow prospects to review what past clients have to say about their experience, which gives the company credibility and prospects reassurance.

7) Brochures

Brochures are printable documents that present information on a specific service or product. Brochures combine a variety of content including images, bulletin points, etc. that showcase the topic in an easy to understand manner.

8) Proposals/Presentations

Proposals and presentations are used in the decision stage to convince your audience to buy/use your service(s)/product(s). There are many formats a presentation or proposal can be formatted depending on the objective, such as including appropriate lists, infographics, images, etc.

9) Automated Emails

Automated emails can be used across the sales cycle, making the process of following up with clients or leads more dependable and simpler. Examples of automated emails used as marketing collateral include monthly newsletters, abandoned shopping cart reminders, or follow-ups to completed forms.

10) Sell Sheets

Sell sheets are one to two pages and are often used in a sales environment to hand out or send that provide additional information on a specific product or service. A sell sheet should be visually appealing while providing the necessary information about the topic, including contact information and incentive to purchase.

11) Explainer videos

Explainer videos are a captivating visual to demonstrate a process or showcase a new product. A video can be used across multiple platforms including social media or a website, that will draw attention and raise brand awareness.

Learning and reviewing the different types of marketing collateral allows you to learn the strengths of each and decide which type will present your information in the most beneficial way. Creating great marketing collateral is just a step away!

There are many options and considerations when deciding on and creating marketing collateral. Evolve Systems® can assist in the development of your marketing strategy and creation of marketing collateral in order to amplify your marketing initiatives. Contact us to learn more!

Karlee Onstad
Karlee Onstad

Marketing Coordinator at Evolve Systems®

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