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10 COVID-19 Resources For Future Digital Success

Working remotely has taught us to be innovative; to create and uncover new ways to conduct everyday business almost solely from our laptops. While we may have been forced to learn these new skills and implement new processes, we seem to have settled into the groove of what this new normal looks and feels like.

While the learning period was overwhelming, it has opened new pathways for businesses to use after the pandemic (because eventually, it will happen!). COVID-19 has opened new opportunities to expand our digital reliance to ultimately increase productivity, communication, and success.

We’ve compiled 10 resources specific to the situations we face and continue to navigate because of the Coronavirus. These guides on technology and digital services can help direct solutions to current setbacks as well as plan strategically for the future.

1. Best Virtual Meeting Software

While we have no option but to communicate solely via video software, it offers plenty of benefits in the future. It has demonstrated that partnerships can be established through video instead of face-to-face communication thus opening doors to extend your client and customer reach to different locations. Learn more about what highly rated virtual meeting softwares are available.

2. 7 Online Tools to Keep Your Team Organized While Working Remotely

Things need to get done, no matter if you are sitting in your cubicle or in your living room. Lucky for us we live in a time of a plethora of online tools dedicated to making our lives easier. These 7 tools are perfect for keeping your team organized and your members productive, both working remotely and in the office.

3. How to Virtually Build Team Camaraderie

While success can merely be measured by how much money each person is bringing in or each month’s profit, it is also measured by how strong your team is. Camaraderie can cultivate teamwork and collaboration, ultimately driving the numerical success rates. These fun team building ideas are perfect for sharing genuine laughs among team members and generating individual appreciation.

4. Tips for Adjusting to Digital Client Relationships

Virtual happy hours are not the same when you have to cheers by raising your glass to your video camera. A business relationship is no longer maintained from a hardy handshake or networking meetups, therefore your relationship-building strategies must also shift. This blog explains how to position your client communication that will grow your business relationships.

5. Business Communication During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Communicating during COVID-19 is the all-time heighten version of communicating during times of adversity, therefore if you know how to connect with clients during the Coronavirus, all future times of difficulty will feel like a breeze. This blog deep dives into what platforms and messaging is beneficial for both your business and your clients when communicating during challenging times.

6. COVID-19: Why You Need To Update Your Google My Business

Whether you are completely changing your business operations (like now) or just slightly updating information (like in the future), Google My Business is the platform audiences rely on when Googling your company. From your contact information to store hours to social links, Google My Business makes finding the information consumer want quick and easy, as long your business provides it.

7. 5 Way to Increase Website Traffic

Whether we are in the middle of a pandemic or frolicking through normal life, in order for your website to help your business, you need people to visit it. These 5 examples offer ways to leverage your online efforts in order to get the most visitors to your site.

8. How to Use SEO During COVID-19

Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, yet their practices dramatically shifted because of COVID-19. This situation has taught businesses that SEO is a critical and ongoing strategy necessary to capture the evolving world we live in. From a pandemic to a new industry trend, SEO can reflect those changes so your website is equipped to perform and convert.

9. COVID-19: ECommerce Options to Sell Online (And Quickly!)

There was a scramble to get businesses selling online, yet the evolution of ecommerce stores poses a significant value even outside the shelter in place. It demonstrates the pros of offering online purchasing options to maximize your product and service sales. While these options provide temporary relief during this time of complexity, they also offer significant advantages in the long run.

10. COVID-19: Why Websites Need Quality Hosting and a WMP

Was your website prepared for the dramatic shift to online reliance? Your website is not just a complementary asset to your business, it is the core foundation of your business. Therefore, it must be given a sufficient amount of resources and attention in order to perform to the standard you need.

These resources address the direct questions and problems companies faced while quickly adjusting to the COVID-19 normality, yet their advice extends beyond a time of a pandemic. It provides insightful information on how to equip and grow your business using these new skills and digital advancements.

To learn more about what digital solutions can help your business, from marketing communication, website development, or SEO implementation, fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you!