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4 Articles to Learn About CRMs and Marketing Automation

Learn about CRMs

A customer relationship management (CRM) system and marketing automation system are not just marketing tools, they are essential parts of a marketing strategy. They are used to capture and follow up on leads and close sales through set procedures carried out through automated communications. This article provides 4 resources for those interested in and/or jumpstarting their CRM and marketing automation strategies. They provide a preview of what these tools are and the potential they hold.

Ultimate guide to marketing automation terminology

1. Marketing Automation Terms – Go-To Guide

To learn the tool, you have to know the terminology. This go-to guide provides the definition of all the marketing automation and CRM terms you need to know to understand the tools and create a strategy.

SharpSpring CRM and marketing automation

2. SharpSpring – Powerful All-in-One Sales and Marketing Platform with Automation

SharpSpring is the perfect example of how robust and useful a marketing automation and CRM platform can be. The article provides an outline of SharpSpring’s capabilities demonstrating how such a tool will benefit your business, for example, the creation of a visual workflow or the analysis of email campaigns.

SharpSpring personas

3. How Using Personas in SharpSpring Can Increase Conversions

One valuable feature of a CRM and marketing automation platform is the use of marketing/user personas. These are detailed descriptions of an ideal client used to create marketing content catered to their selling points. Using personas with a tool, such as SharpSpring, makes targeted marketing easy and effective.

CRM quiz

4. Should your company have a CRM system? [Quiz]

CRM and marketing automation systems are used on various levels and with different intentions. Unsure if your company needs one? Take this 10 question quiz that analyzes the indicators on whether you need a CRM based on business scenarios and goals.

Using a CRM and/or marketing automation platform for your business allows you to better organize your sales pipeline, develop a structured plan, and carry out your strategy with ease. It boosts your company by ensuring each step is approved and implemented. A CRM or marketing automation system simply makes your life easier while allowing your business to grow.

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