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The 5 Design Resources to Read Before Starting a Website or Branding Project

Website rebrand planning process

Design is an inevitable step in a website or branding project, in fact, a very critical step. The following blog posts are resources on what the design process is, how to find inspiration for your project, how to portray that inspiration through a mood board, the different components of design development, and how to effectively communicate with a design team.

Design process

1. The Design Process

The design process is an essential yet obscure first step for a website or branding project. While there is no universal rule for how a design process should operate, there remain key elements to ensure the design process can guide the project yet evolve with the changing needs.

Branding project inspiration

2. Three Places to Find Inspiration Before Kicking Off Your Rebranding Project

As the preferences, audiences, and expectations of consumers change with the evolving technology and culture, it requires the reevaluation of your brand to incorporate these demands. Yet, these changes make it difficult to come up with a unique brand that will effectively compete in your market. These three resources offer inspiration for your rebranding project when working with an agency.

Web design mood board

3. What is a Web Design Mood Board?

Another helpful tool when using design in a project is creating a mood board, or a visual representation of the project to showcase feelings, goals, and inspirations. It allows your team to communicate ideas to ensure the results are reflective of the common goal.

UX vs UI

4. The Difference Between UI and UX and Why It Matters

The process of design development consists of two components, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). These processes control the logistics and visuals behind a design project in order to effectively communicate your brand. This blog post explains their differences and why they are important.

Design critique

5. How to Offer Effective Design Critique

Last, when working on a website or branding project that uses design resources, you will be working with a designer to accomplish your business goals. For the designer to not only produce the best results but for you both to enjoy the process, there are some proven methods for offering design feedback.

Does your website or brand need a refresh?

These resources provide an introduction to what to expect when you are in the design stage of a project, how to prepare the different steps, and why it is important to understand the role of design. Keep this information in mind when building a new website and/or rebranding your business and you will be thrilled with the results!

A website or branding project requires a well-planned (and fun!) design outline. The team at Evolve Systems® has both talented and experienced individuals who are excited to begin the website or branding project with you!

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