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5 of the Best Competitor Research Tools

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Understanding your competitors is a critical component in developing and maintaining a successful business, because as your industry grows or changes so should your business strategies in order to stay competitive in the field. A primary component on how to analyze competitors is to use competitor site analysis to gain insight on their technology, digital marketing, and SEO techniques. Below is a list of five of the best competitor research tools that enhance competitor monitoring to improve your business strategies.

1. SimilarWeb

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SimilarWeb is a website competitor analysis tool that allows you to search for your competitor and reveal their online strategies and overall analytics. The tool can check domain traffic, referring sites, destination sites, search stats (organic vs paid traffic), website rank, category rank, country rank, headquarters location, year founded, estimated number of employees, social media referrals, display advertising, their audience’s interests, if they have a mobile app, competitors and similar websites, and more. This data allows you to identify the channels that are most effective for driving traffic, your competitor’s most effective marketing strategies and partnerships, and prevalent market and consumer data. SimilarWeb performs competitive tracking to implement best practices for your own business. You can also compare one website to another website.

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BuiltWith provides a robust analysis of a competitor’s full website technology profile ranging from analytics to advertising to CRMs to email hosting providers. By being able to identify technology on websites of your competitors, it allows your business to understand what programs are considered necessities in your industry but also reveal opportunities to differentiate your business. BuiltWith offers general searches including filtered lead lists, detailed market reports, specific selling points, technology history, and much more. Overall, BuiltWith allows you to grasp top technology trends that are relevant to your industry through competitor site analysis and advanced filters.

3. Wappalyzer

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Wappalyzer, similar to BuiltWith, will recognize the technologies a website is using. When installed as a browser extension, it scans the website you are currently on and detects the different technologies in use on that website. It has the capability to identify content management systems, ecommerce platforms, web frameworks, server software, advertising networks, comment systems, CRMs, live chat, marketing automation, payment processors, SEO tools, analytics tools, and more. Using competitor monitoring, your business can easily gauge software and technology patterns and evaluate the relevance to your business.

4. SEMrush

SEMrush is an exhaustive digital marketing and SEO competition tool that provides detailed reports to check competitor SEO, PPC, keywords, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. By inputting your competitor’s domain, SEMrush will generate a report that includes the website’s top competitors, keywords, advertising, backlinks, etc. This information is beneficial when implementing keywords into your blog or developing advertising plans. Using a digital marketing competitor analysis tool like SEMrush, you can effectively implement strategies of your own based on thorough website research.

5. KWFinder

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KWFinder is an SEO competition tool focused on finding keywords in a straightforward platform. You can enter your competitor’s domain name and the program will generate what keywords they are ranking for. KWFinder also allows you to search by individual words, filter and organize keywords, and analyze the search engine results page (SERP). KWFinder permits you to check competitor SEO in a simple manner making the process of implementing keywords easy and effective. It also shows you which keywords are easy or difficult to rank for, making it easier for you to determine greenfield opportunities (keywords) your competitors haven’t staked claim to yet and keywords that aren’t worth the trouble of attempting to rank for.

Gaining valuable insight into your competitor’s website, including marketing, SEO, and technology, gives a competitive edge for your company to develop data-driven strategies to effectively compete and overcome your competition.

How to Put Your Data to Use

These competitor analysis tools are extremely helpful while conducting website research, yet being able to accurately read the data to create an informed plan poses another challenge. At Evolve Systems®, our team understands each step of the research and implementation process to ensure your company is set up to compete (and outrank) your competitors. Contact us to learn more about our SEO and marketing services.