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5 Resources to Advise a Successful Rebranding Project

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Is it time for a brand upgrade?

There often comes a time when your old brand style no longer reflects your current business or matches modern design standards. This can be for a multitude of reasons such as a new audience, a shift in business, or the need for a fresh feel. While the rebranding process is a substantial project, it also initiates the course for new opportunities. Before starting your project, check out these 5 blogs describing the steps and considerations for an exceptional rebrand.

Design terminology glossary

1. 39 Common Design Terms Defined

Familiarize yourself with the world of design and learn the components of a successful design project by looking over this glossary. From design laws to design practices, this glossary makes each term easy to understand.

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2. 3 Places to Find Inspiration Before Kicking Off Your Rebranding Project

Are you unsure where to start your rebranding project? Check out these resources for branding inspiration. They provide examples, considerations, and explanations behind branding that will jumpstart how you imagine and approach your rebranding project.

Logo redesign

3. What Makes a Great Logo?

Why is the Nike swoosh and McDonald’s golden arches so iconic? This blog explains the functions of a brand logo, the key elements of a logo design, and the qualities of a great logo. Recognizing the different aspects of a logo frames how influential it is for your business, therefore affirming the importance of a strategic rebranding project.

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4. Color Considerations When Creating Branding and Websites

As mentioned in the blog above, color is a significant component of a rebranding project. Since color prompts emotions, choosing the proper color for your rebrand should be based on how you want your business to be perceived. This blog provides an overview of what to consider when choosing brand colors.

"How to Design Effective Design Critique"

5. How to Offer Effective Design Critique

Of course, the process of rebranding and finalizing your brand logo takes communication; more importantly, effective communication. On the designer and branding agency side, it means asking the correct questions and conducting a deliberate process. On the business owners’ side, it means acknowledging the designer’s expertise while offering design critique that will productively communicate your thoughts and ideas, ultimately leading to a positive outcome.

From understanding design terms to offering effective feedback, these resources provide helpful information to advise an efficient rebranding project. Your business is valuable, make sure your branding reflects that.

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