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A Beginner’s Guide for Using Photography in Business

Using photography in business

Whether your business is in the food, music, or law industry (the examples are endless!), you will need to use photographs and images for your business. The world is dominated by visuals which influences the type of content you produce.

The blog posts below provide an introduction to why images are important, the strategy behind photography, how to shoot effective photographs, and how to enhance them during post-production.

High resolution business photography

1. How Websites Benefit from High-Resolution Photography and SEO Friendly Images

A website with just text would be very boring, offer little user experience and most likely, have low conversions; but that is why we have photographs and images. They have more than just visual appeal. When done correctly, they offer brand trust, increased interaction, and higher search rankings.

Social media photos for business

2. Using Social Media Photos for Business

Another important use of imagery is for social media, which has proven to greatly increase the performance of a post. With so many different social media platforms and the increased demand for quality content, you need to understand how and why photography is used for the different platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Photography business storyteller

3. Storytelling with Pictures: 6 Tips and Tricks

Now it is time to focus on taking the actual photograph. Developing useful photographs for your business requires the ability to tell a story through the captured elements, also referred to as storytelling photography. These six tips provide a guide to improving your photos without the use of words.

How to edit photos

4. 6 Tips for Photo Editing for Beginners

Now that you have the photo, the next step is editing. There are a few key editing components that can greatly increase the quality of your photo, such as lightening the shadows or making the colors more vibrant. And as we discussed, the higher quality the photo is, the better it is for your overall business brand.

Take Your Business Photography to the Next Level

While the use of photography and imagery in business is an extensive topic, this provides a basic understanding of why, where, and how photography can greatly impact your business. It is a powerful combination that has the potential to grow your business.

Developing content for your website or social media seems to have many hidden rules and best practices. The teams at Evolve Systems® are knowledgeable in many different fields, including branding, web development and marketing, and use their combined expertise to develop and implement strategic content specific for your business, including maximizing the use of photography.

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