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A Guide for Using the 5 Social Media Marketing Platforms

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Learning how to market your business on social media can seem like a simple task- Just create an account, post some things, and voilà, you are using social media for marketing… not quite. Sure, your business is on the platform and might have a few followers, but you are hindering the incredible opportunities the social media marketing platform can provide your business.

With 3.48 billion people using social media and an average consumption time of 2.5 hours per day, the audience is vast and infatuated. If your audience hangs out on social media, then you should be utilizing social media to market your business.

While the audience is massive, the business competition is equally as demanding, but far from impossible. Building an effective social media marketing plan takes dedication, time, and resources in order to deliver real ROI. Below are 6 blogs that take a deep dive into the main social media marketing platforms that provide the information you need for using social media for marketing.

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1. How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Business

This blog sets the foundation for what social media marketing is and how to create a social media strategy. It outlines the considerations and general steps for introducing your business’ social media marketing strategy that will set your brand up for success. Click here to learn more.

Facebook social marketing

2. How to Optimize Your Facebook Marketing Plan

Facebook is the platform for connecting family and friends from your Aunt Jenny to your high school pals, and bringing value to those relationships. As a business, your Facebook marketing plan must acknowledge the goal of the platform in order to optimize content that builds and fosters relationships. This blog explains how the social media marketing platform, Facebook, can benefit your business.

Using LinkedIn for marketing

3. How to Use LinkedIn for Business Marketing

LinkedIn is a space used to actively expand your professional network. While other social media marketing platforms focus on entertainment, LinkedIn’s focus is on personal development and industry leadership. Determining how to use LinkedIn for business marketing relies on balancing personal connections with business conversations that will benefit the audience while upholding your professional standards. Learn more about the social media marketing platform LinkedIn by reading this blog.

Twitter marketing

4. Understanding and Developing a Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter is a repeated construction of endless tweets that are replaced just as quickly as they are produced. A Twitter marketing strategy presents the means for an extensive reach but must compensate for the platform’s vast overturn. Twitter is a social media marketing platform that offers huge business potential through a strong marketing plan, check out this blog to learn how.

Instagram marketing

5. An In-Depth Guide on Using Instagram for Marketing

Instagram is the home of socializing through aesthetic photos and entertaining videos. Using Instagram for marketing means matching the level of audience authenticity to successfully build brand awareness and loyalty that the platform generously grants. This blog illustrates how Instagram is a social media marketing platform that engages through appealing visuals and genuine interactions.

Pinterest marketing

6. How to Create a Pinterest Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Pinterest is a search engine that houses a curation of visual inspirations and an audience willing to buy. The platform is used to bring a user’s idea to life by not only showcasing a visual representation but offering a location for purchasing. With such a high selling power, the social media marketing platform requires a comprehensive strategy. Check out this blog to learn how.

While there are several other social media marketing platforms, these are 5 of the main platforms for business marketing. The sites offer an oppurtunity for audience engagement, brand awareness, and lead generation (and much more!). Each blog provides the information needed to build your personalized social media marketing strategy and maximize your efforts.

Using social media for marketing your business requires an extensive plan that involves an understanding of each social media marketing platform to maximize your strategies. From jumpstarting your accounts to improving your success, Evolve Systems® can assist your business wherever your social media marketing strategy stands. Fill out the form below to learn more!