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Aguardion Is Fulfilling the 21st Century Needs of the Monitoring Industry

A hallmark of our process is to deeply understand our client’s business goals before taking action. We take our understanding and use it to architect solutions that not only solves our client’s challenge, but also create a platform to grow their company with through our proven 5-step process.

Aguardion came to us with a revolutionary idea of changing the way an entire industry does business. We saw it as an opportunity to do something innovative in a largely stagnant market. An industry of hundreds, plus thousands more state, county, and federally-run monitoring companies were largely utilizing a variety of disconnected online and offline tools to track inventory, client records, and process payments. They needed a secure SaaS program that was reliable, easy to use, and consolidated their tools into one easy-to-use application. And the final challenge? Convince a low-tech industry to put their trust and livelihood into an entirely new digital product.

Establishing trust in a highly-skeptical market is no easy task. Our Design Team took to the drawing board to build a brand identity system that would be as strong, relatable, and unique as the software on the back-end. Through a rigorous design process, we created a system of assets that would get deployed across all software and communication channels including digital as well as tradeshow and corporate collateral.

While Creative designed the identity and front-end user experience, our Development Team went to work to architect Aguardion’s back-end system to solve the core challenges currently experienced by monitoring companies: knowing who their problem offenders are, knowing who is behind and ahead on fee payments, keeping track of expensive equipment that often comes from multiple manufacturers, and knowing the health of their business. We Identified business trends that affected their bottom line. The exhaustive and detailed process of designing software while also anticipating what user needs would be after the software is fully-integrated within their business was a huge success.

Once the product was designed, built, and tested, Evolve’s Marketing Team delivered on Step 4 of our proven process: market. What good is a revolutionary tool if no one knows about it? Creative and Marketing Teams leveraged the brand identity system to execute a communications strategy that involved a WordPress website to showcase product features and cultivate prospects, email and Google AdWords campaigns to drive traffic to the website and an on-brand trade show presence that included branded apparel, badges, roll up banners, and more.

Fast forward two years later and Aguardion is continuing to disrupt its industry. Aguardion’s customers have seen double-digit percentage increases to their bottom line, plus they reduced equipment loss, which is significant because the equipment is incredibly costly. In addition, they see labor savings as they grow- the Aguardion system makes it easier for their existing staff to handle growing caseloads. Their clients are able to understand every aspect of their business through a simple, easy-to-use interface that is mobile-friendly. We are now moving forward together with further growth and software updates.

A digital product is never complete, which is why we step up in the 5th Step of our proven process: support. Our Development Team continues to be a strategic partner in Aguardion’s growth by designing and launching new releases of the software to meet the growing needs of Aguardion’s customers and their monitoring clients.

“My team and I have leaned on Evolve Systems®’ capabilities for software product development and marketing support. The Evolve team brings a diverse group of talents to every project they take on and have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Aguardion’s continued success is in no small part due to the fantastic work they have done for us!” – Jonathan Allen, Director of Company Development, Aguardion

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