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Benefits of using WordPress as a CMS

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for content management system which is the platform and structure used to build and manage websites. A CMS is a user-friendly way for people to edit and update their website without knowledge in coding or backend development. As compared to building a website from scratch, it provides the framework and tools for creating a website, similar to the ease of creating a Word document or slide presentation.

In regards to businesses, a CMS supports your online presence because it is the groundwork of the business’ website. It plays a critical role in the creation and growth of business online.

Why is it important to choose the right CMS for your business’ website?

When choosing a CMS for your business, there are four main criteria to consider.

1. Longevity and Security

As your business’ needs shift and the digital world expands, your CMS needs to be able to keep up with the standards. If your CMS fails to provide new and updated versions, then it subsequently causes your website to fall behind, hindering your ability to grow your online presence. This also decreases your security both because an outdated CMS provides less protection for your site and because it does not provide future stability.

Having a trusted and well-founded CMS provides a platform that has and will continue to evolve with the digital demands and keep your online presence secure.

2. Scalability

As mentioned, your business’ needs will shift and you need a CMS that can scale with your business. From offering new services, increasing the number of online purchases, or offering more robust online resources, a CMS should support the growth and changes of your website to align with your evolving business.

Research if other businesses are using the CMS and understand their capacity levels. To begin, see if other recognizable brands that would receive heavy traffic and activity are widely using the CMS to determine how scalable the CMS is.

3. Adaptability

An aspect of scaling with your business is the ability to add features that meet your changing functionality needs. For example, if your business needs to sell products online, add complex forms, begin blogging, or whatever it may be, a CMS that easily adapts allows your business to integrate new and expansive online capabilities using the existing platform.

4. Compatibility

Furthermore, in order to be adaptable, it requires the capability to integrate with other online platforms or applications. This is especially important for internal efficiencies. If you can create a centralized location for your online processes or work, it allows your business to increase performance. Being compatible means your CMS can work with other apps or plugins or connect with platforms for a comprehensive platform.

Ultimately, your content management system needs to support your business by providing an easy and effective way to create and maintain your website. One of the most well-known and widely used CMS’s is WordPress.

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

WordPress is a type of content management system that is used by over 455 million websites in the world making it the most popular CMS available, and rightfully so. WordPress has earned its popularity throughout the years by evolving to the changing digital standards and providing unique value to numerous types of users. In the world of business, WordPress dominates the field. It ticks all the criteria described above making it a simple and dependable solution for businesses. It has been tested and tested over and over again, and it remains a superior option.

While we could go on and on about WordPress, we will cover just the top five benefits of using WordPress as your business’ CMS.

1. User-friendly interface

You know when you look at an instruction sheet, but you are accidentally looking at the wrong language? It’s seemingly impossible to follow those directions. Yet, once you flip the paper over and look at the right language then everything just comes together in a simple and straightforward manner. WordPress does just that. It has perfected it’s interface and setup so that users can easily understand where to go or how to do something without unnecessary confusion; WordPress removes the ambiguity many other CMS users’ experience.

2. LOTS of resources

If you don’t know the answer, you can bet the WordPress community has the answer. There is a plethora of information about WordPress cultivated by a collaborative online community. From providing step by step tutorials to helping to evaluate a new plugin, the answer is just a simple search away. Even with the robust nature of WordPress and its capability to scale, it still remains easy to use because of all the resources available, both from WordPress themselves and from the reliable online community.

3. Customizable

Every business has different website functionalities or visuals that they need, and WordPress ensures your website meets those requirements. With the different themes or plugins, you are provided a time- and budget-saving solution for creating a personalized online site that achieves your goals and visions.

4. Security

WordPress is consistently being updated to provide continuous improvements developed to safeguard your website. From WordPress core or plugin updates, the CMS actively engages proactive protective measures to reduce potential online risks. In addition, the online community is transparent about the vulnerabilities of a certain plugin or update so CMS users are informed.

5. Stable

With the ongoing improvements and design of the platform, it provides a stable foundation for business websites. Proven by the millions of users that trust WordPress, the CMS is a stable platform for growing your business. Instead of causing problems or additional stressors, it is designed to remove the guesswork and confusion of maintaining a website. There is already enough to worry about in business, your CMS doesn’t need to be one of them.

WordPress has attained its position as the top content management system for a reason. It makes the complexity of website development and maintenance a simple and easy to understand process and has a reliable online community that provides educational resources. The CMS is designed to be unique to your business so you can effectively promote your brand while ensuring your business is protected both using security measures and a trusted platform.

Evolve Systems is your WordPress expert. We know the in’s and out’s of the CMS so that we ensure our clients get the most from their WordPress website. If you are interested in building a new website or improving your current website, get in touch to learn more about how WordPress can help your business.