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Building a Marketing Strategy with Evolve Systems

1. Why Your Business Needs a Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is a predetermined plan for carrying out specific tasks in order to achieve the overall business goal. The plan is determined based on the specifics of the business, including a data-informed approach through an in-depth analysis of digital performance. A marketing strategy accounts for the entirety of the business to offer a comprehensive method for business growth and value.

2. Evolve Systems’ Five-Step Process

Evolve Systems’ five-step process follows a proven and strategic method for understanding the business, providing thoughtful leadership, and executing quality actions. The process has evolved businesses built from years of success. The five-steps include:

  1. Strategy
  2. Design
  3. Build
  4. Market
  5. Support

3. A Digital Strategy that Supports MNCLS’ Law Firm Distinction

Minnesota Construction Law Services (MNCLS) is a construction law firm that disrupts traditional standards by providing personalized attention that builds a contractor’s most important project, their business. They needed branding, a website, and marketing that effectively promoted their distinct position in the industry, so they came to Evolve Systems. Through consistent and specific messaging across all marketing platforms and materials, MNCLS continues to grow and expand their brand.

4. How Ongoing Marketing Has Supported Orchards of Minnetonka’s New Website

Orchards of Minnetonka is a senior living center that provides leading care with an environment that fosters community and vibrant living. As a new facility, they needed digital support to effectively emerge in the competitive industry. Starting with a new website and moving into a monthly retainer, Evolve Systems heightened Orchard of Minnetonka’s digital presence through audience-specific and timely marketing to elevate their position in the industry.

5. “Evolve Your Business Marketing: How to Build a Strategy” Webinar Recap

On Thursday, July 30th, Evolve Systems hosted the webinar, “Evolve Your Business Marketing: How to Build a Strategy,” which discussed:

  • Why having a marketing plan is essential for sustained business growth
  • How to identify and approach developing a marketing strategy
  • How to execute and measure a marketing strategy

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