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Building a Website that Supports Real-World Success

Myopain Seminars offers global dry needling courses and is recognized as a leader in the industry. Yet their website and digital systems were inhibiting their ability to carry out day-to-day operations, specifically making it difficult to track course registrations, prepare course materials, and highlight course instructors. Myopain Seminars needed a website that not only displayed their services but needed a platform that could accurately and dependably process their course activity.

In order to accomplish these needs, Evolve Systems developed a website integrated with high performing modules in order to develop a comprehensive platform that achieved Myopain Seminars’ business goals. One of the primary objectives was developing a system that processed course registration using the website as the tool not only for people to sign up for courses, but as a site to promote and market their services.

Furthermore, this involved ensuring that the instructor directory and map locator displayed who taught the courses and where they were located to demonstrate their extensive experts in the industry. This was supported by the SEO copywriting that expressed the Myopain Seminars’ desired messaging to effectively communicate with their targeted audience.

Through ongoing collaboration, Evolve Systems created an advanced website that lead with industry standards while representing Myopain Seminars’ unique branding. Before, Myopain Seminars’ website was simply a site with little real-life benefits, yet now it is a tool to grow their business. This means having a platform that is dependable and supports both their customers and their business.

Specifically, the advanced digital features allowed Myopain Seminars to be equipped with the online tools to quickly shift in response to COVID-19. They were able to continue offering courses using virtual conferencing and processing online registrations with ease. While many businesses faced setbacks during the pandemic because they were unable to pivot as quickly as necessary to upkeep business, Myopain Seminars was able to build upon their already existing online toolset.

Evolve Systems provides industry-leading guidance and implementation that allows your business to achieve your current goals and be prepared to grow with changing digital demands.

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