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Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV)

Ending Veteran Homelessness in Our Community

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) is a local nonprofit with the mission to end veteran homelessness in Minnesota. MACV felt that their previous logo and site didn’t fully communicate the positive change for the veteran community they were committed to achieving. With our previous experience partnering with veteran nonprofits, the Evolve Systems team was excited to support MACV’s mission and organization.

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The Opportunity

Putting Our Nonprofit and Veteran Experience to Work


MACV is making strides in the veteran community, but as a nonprofit, to do great works requires community investment and accessibility. Their branding and website needed to communicate to their different and distinct audiences, particularly veterans needing assistance and people to donate and volunteer.

In the nonprofit sector, it’s critical to reach both audiences you serve and partner with. For MACV, they saw an opportunity to rethink their branding and digital presence. We worked closely with the MACV to listen and learn the ins and outs of their organization and build a digital strategy capable of meeting their goals.

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The Solution

Leading with MACV’s Goals in Focus


Following our process, we led MACV through each stage of their digital transformation. The MACV team collaborated with our experts at each stage, from branding to site launch, so every piece was strategically created.

1. Branding

During the branding process, we reimagined the MACV logo. The final result was an appealing and approachable logo that accurately reflected their mission and vision now and in the future.

2. Website Development

During the development phase, we focused on the visitor experience across the different audience groups. For veterans visiting the site, they could easily navigate to the services of interest while those looking to get involved, could easily access the information they wanted.

3. Site Integrations

To streamline MACV’s day-to-day organization, we integrated multiple pages and tools for a seamless, business-specific platform. Not only did the website assist their audiences, it helped simplify their internal workload. Some of the site pages and integrations included:

  • Customer relationship management (CRM) platform
  • Online donation management software
  • Volunteer listing and application tool
  • Event calendar and registration program

4. Website Support

To keep the site performance top-notch, MACV receives ongoing, monthly website check-ups and updates. Our website experts ensure their site is secure, up-to-date, and backed up.

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The Result

Digital Strategies with Momentous Results


Since the logo and site launch, we are proud to hear the continued success stories from the MACV team. Through their new branding and online presence, their organization has experienced significant growth resulting in a larger impact on our local community.

The community’s excitement around MACV’s change was tremendous! They received a lot of positive press and feedback causing MACV’s story to spread across Minnesota and beyond. Most importantly, their mission reached and resonated with their different audiences, the general public and Minnesota Veterans.

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Veterans Served




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MACVs list of services

"We are proud of our new website and its ability to promote and support our mission to end Veteran homelessness in Minnesota. Your understanding of the nonprofit and Veteran sectors allowed us to trust the process and see real results in our community. A big thanks to the Evolve Systems team!"

Shaun Riffe Director of Development

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