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Diana Pierce

The Opportunity


Diana Pierce is a prominent speaker and moderator featured at numerous leadership events. After 30 years as a KARE-TV anchor and local celebrity, she refocused her attention on cultivating an online community for 50+ individuals to create a space that encourages ideas and initiates the “What’s Next?” question into action.

Diana Pierce focuses on the strength of storytelling; she understands how a narrative can create communities and drive change. To implement her new business concept, Diana needed branding and a website that would tell her story. With the intention to build an online community, Diana Pierce needed to establish her online presence to support her business goals and engage her growing audience.

As a St. Paul, women-owned business that was also a part of Diana Pierce’s local KARE-TV community, Evolve Systems was able to relate to and understand Diana Pierce’s new business venture. To elevate her business, Evolve Systems led Diana Pierce through an in-depth discovery session to learn the ins and outs of her brand in order to develop a strategic digital presence.

Evolve Systems went to work creating an influential digital platform that would support Diana Pierce’s inspiration of other 50+ individuals that are navigating their “What’s Next.”



The Solution


To begin, Diana Pierce needed branding, including a logo, for her business to start positioning her brand within the marketplace. The new branding needed to reflect her value of creativity while asserting her professional leadership. The modern look and feel of the new logo connected with her target audience that would encourage engagement and a following.

As a personal brand, the website was a public platform to express her personal passions while promoting her speaking events, live videos, and blogs. The website represented the creation of herself, therefore it needed to be a pillar of who Diana Pierce was and what she stood for. The website’s design reflected her strategic branding style that made her website stand out among the marketplace.

With Diana Pierce’s new business direction she needed to redo her old website so it would effectively host all her ventures. The existing website was full of malfunctions and complex navigation that interrupted her ability to grow her online presence, thus inhibiting the growth and value of her business. She needed a platform with a design that supported her noteworthy brand while offering a superior user experience to encourage new business opportunities.

The website, like Diana Pierce’s branding, supported the modern standard expected by the evolving digital audience. Each step of the design and development process incorporated the structures and means that would guarantee the highest performing online presence that would directly reflect the validity of the business.

The Result


The new branding resulted in the heightened recognition of Diana Pierce’s business. While she was well-known locally to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area because of her previous position on KARE-TV, the new logo allowed her to promote her new business. It allowed Diana Pierce to centralize her different platforms, including her multiple social media accounts, using a consistent logo so each audience engagement showcased the same message.

The personalized logo enabled Diana Pierce to expand her brand’s recognition by using her distinguished name in the community but with a distinct style to separate from her previous career. It allowed her to build upon her reputation to enter a new marketplace that would jump start her business. Ultimately, the new branding design elevated her credibility in the industry.

The website further expanded the brand’s reach using a high performing website unique to the goals of Diana Pierce’s brand that would build her online presence. The platform’s design welcomed new and existing audiences that would capture expanded engagement. This included the promotion of her personal initiative to share her passion for creativity and supporting others.

The website was particularly important for clearly communicating Diana Pierce’s services, including speaking engagements and emceeing for events. The platform allowed her to showcase her areas of focus as a way to bolster her name in the industry. It provided an authentic avenue for displaying her speaking engagement services to expand business opportunities.

Evolve Systems helped Diana Pierce create branding that heightened her business in the market and the website expanded her personal creativity while ensuring ways to promote her services and build an online community.

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