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Fello Logistics

Fello Logistics

Delivering Success From Strategy to Support

Fello Logistics brings full visibility and strategic problem-solving to your freight shipping experience. Their expertise in FTL, LTL, drayage, rail, and warehousing is amplified by our personal dedication to achieving their clients every goal.

Evolve Systems partnered with Fello Logistics for a wide range of services, with the entirety of our five-step process applied to their program and continued partnership. Everything from strategy and development to an ongoing marketing program has been utilized to create a comprehensive digital strategy.

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Shipping & Logistics



With a new website in hand and the desire to create a “brand on purpose”, Fello Logistics’ (previously Ally Freight) digital presence lacked the strategy and awareness necessary to capture the audience that they were looking to attract. The founders found a problem in the shipping and logistics space and were looking to create an equity company in a competitive market with an established reputation.

The project was halted to a red light when they received a cease and desist letter to change their name, thus creating the opportunity and need for a total re-brand — and Fello Logistics was born!


Because of the urgency behind needing a re-brand, our team led the Fello Logistics team through our branding design process to develop a brand identity that connected with their ideal audience, solved their naming dilemma, and marketed their services. The Evolve Systems team applied our five-step process, tweaked for Fello’s unique situation and industry position.


Although the urgency behind Fello Logistic’s rebranding was a stressful situation for the company, our team was able to create a new brand name that represents their company philosophy perfectly and better personify how they are shaking up the shipping and logistics industry. Due to a successful website launch, our team was able to transition the Fello team into our webmaster services and a marketing retainer plan for ongoing success.

Continued Support

Web Support On-Page and Behind-The-Scenes

Fello Logistics has entrusted our team throughout their website development process and now our webmasters as stewards of their website, and we continue to provide support with both on-page and behind-the-scenes improvements.

Strategy For Continued Marketing Success

Our team of marketing experts continues to provide support for Fello Logistics with marketing strategy, ongoing website improvements, email marketing, and training so their team is calibrated with our efforts.

Learn About Our Proven 5-Step Process

Our five-step process is a flexible map for how we develop the proposal of work behind your custom-built program. It’s the backbone of why our programs are so successful, and our clients receive tangible results. Our goal is to transform your business visions into actionable items by following our process.

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