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Gary Anderson Landscaping

The Opportunity

When Gary Anderson Landscaping came to Evolve they wanted a new website that would elevate their brand allowing them to attract high-end clients.

Gary Anderson Landscaping had a website that was over a decade old, and while they offer exceptional design and landscaping services, they were having a hard time consistently attracting their ideal client. They held the common belief among many businesses that all they needed was a new website and their problems would go away. Our team at Evolve saw a much larger opportunity to change the way they do business and overhaul their brand language.

Unwilling to rebrand, our design and development teams needed to use the existing logo and colors to update their brand’s look and feel. We took a look at brands their ideal clients were loyal to in other areas of their life – auto, homegoods, apparel, etc. and made sure that our work reflected the style and experience of these brands. We needed to adopt similar high-end design motifs in order to better align with the lifestyle of Gary Anderson’s target clients.



The Solution


First, we made some subtle adjustments to the logo – not changing the color, icon or the fonts, but spacing elements out to give the logo more breathing room. More negative space creates a more calm, reverent experience. Outside of the logo we modified the color palette from dark earth tones to brighter, more contemporary, inviting colors. Our Marketing Team developed a messaging strategy that moved away from words like “we build…” and “we install…” to statements like “crafting exquisite outdoor spaces since 1987”. New iconography was designed to help communicate their five step process and overall the new website design has a calm, light, editorial feel to it. We wanted users to browse the website and feel like they were looking at fine art; something to be admired and appreciated.

Additionally, our Design Team came up with a new strategy for marketing collateral. To reposition a brand is to change it’s perception among target audiences. To be successful, a business must elevate each brand touchpoint. For example, It’s simply not good enough to improve a website but keep using the same old marketing collateral. Our Design Team created a new suite of corporate collateral; business cards, letterhead, envelopes, folders and sell sheets with target audiences in mind.

The Result


In May 2019, we launched a fully responsive, SEO-rich website that meets the expectations of target audiences. The homepage opens up with beautiful drone footage of an impressive landscaping project. We tell the brand story eloquently and compel visitors to understand what makes Gary Anderson Landscaping unique and take action to inquire about their next project. The new website both elevates them to and differentiates them from other high-end landscaping contractors.

“We interviewed with two other website companies and felt most comfortable with your team, after going through your process, we think you nailed it.”

Katie W. Office Manager, Gary Anderson Landscaping

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