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Kaufhold’s Kurds

The Opportunity

Kaufhold’s Kurds is a well established brand offering 3 styles of premium cheese curds for commercial sale and more recently the consumer marketplace.

Their excellent reputation has been built successfully over time through personal relationships and never sacrificing quality for growth. The challenge? Unless you know someone personally or are an industry insider, such as a food broker or restaurateur, you’d likely have no idea they exist. In an effort to help Kaufhold’s Kurds make their presence known in the marketplace and properly position their brand among the other leading cheese curd manufacturers, Evolve delivered and continues to execute a more holistic marketing strategy.



Kaufhold’s Kurds logo

The Solution


A brand needs to evolve with the growth of a business and as consumer expectations change over time. Failure to adapt and meet the changing needs of audiences can lead to a business’ eventual downfall. For Kaufhold’s Kurds transitioning from a strictly B2B focus to including B2C audiences meant their brand identity needed updating to compete with other established B2C brands. The Evolve design team first worked with Kaufhold’s to update its brand identity.

This included designing a new brand language for Kaufhold’s Kurds to deploy across marketing and communication channels. What’s a brand language? It’s the logo, color palette, font choices, iconography, textures, copywriting, and messaging that come together to express a unique brand persona to target audiences. Additional solutions included a new website, new trade show presence, marketing collateral, and packaging design.

Kaufhold’s Kurds website home page
Kaufhold’s Kurds roll-up tradeshow banner
Kaufhold’s Kurds branded table tent

The Result


Evolve successfully led Kaufhold’s Kurds through a brand refresh. With the new assets at our disposal, we were able to launch into a variety of initiatives, beginning with a new website. As with all website projects, we delivered an SEO-rich, mobile responsive website. The new trade show presence has made a dramatic impact for Kaufhold’s, allowing them to reach more prospects at events with a brand that physically and conceptually stands out from the crowd. Evolve continues to be a strategic partner of Kaufhold’s Kurds, providing new collateral for their food brokerage partners and most recently with on-trend packaging for B2C audiences.

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