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Minnesota Construction Law Services



New Website


The MNCLS website has been recognized by those in the industry as a prominent and distinct site. The design and copy bring a level of excitement and intrigue to their digital brand that accurately reflects who the MNCLS team is. It shows that the website is voicing what MNCLS stands for, even before leads directly interact with the team. NOTE: This website has since been modified by the client.

Strategic Marketing


MNCLS has also experienced success from our marketing strategies, such as an increase in event registration. Through a preplanned email campaign dedicated to promoting their continuing education events, MNCLS was able to reach the defined audience and capture sign-up leads to boost the number of attendees.

Powerful Rebrand


Since the rebranding project with Evolve, the MNCLS team proudly wears and shares their branded gear as a fun promotional effort to advance brand recognition. The branded material includes apparel, golf balls, flyers, and more. All these positively contribute to the touchpoints within the client’s journey with MNCLS. The results continue to multiply as Evolve Systems helps MNCLS evolve.

Together, We Can Achieve Your Goals