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Redpath and Company

Telling a Digital Story for Clients and Potential Hires

Redpath and Company is a 100% employee-owned (ESOP) certified public accounting firm headquartered in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. As a full-service CPA firm, Redpath works with a variety of clients, but specializes in construction and contracting. Redpath needed a marketing partner to upkeep its website’s performance and maintain its business functionalities.

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Website Maintenance Plan (WMP)




The Opportunity

Transferring Value to Redpath’s Site


Although Redpath had an impressive track record and reputation, especially in the construction industry, its digital presence didn’t accurately convey its value. Their website wasn’t a good representation of their culture, and it didn’t have resume submission capability, something they needed to grow their business. Redpath’s HR department had a story, and they sought an agency partnership to help share it with potential candidates.

Our initial discovery identified the following opportunities for improvement:

  • Redpath didn’t have ownership of their website, as it was in the hands of their previous webmaster
  • Insufficient UX as a result of a slow and unresponsive website
  • Lack of ongoing website maintenance
  • Incorrect implementation of Google Analytics
  • Flawed reporting and data collection
  • Poor website traffic metrics, especially organic and direct traffic
The Solution

A Website Built for Future Business Growth


Evolve kickstarted the project by setting up a single point of contact with Redpath for efficient communication and increased productivity. Our point of contact was a new member of Redpath’s dedicated marketing team. Because of this, we helped calibrate him with the project and educate him so he could complete the necessary steps to pull keywords and conduct SEO copywriting. Our project with Redpath consisted of a marketing strategy, a website redesign and launch, and ongoing website maintenance services.

Marketing Strategy

Redpath wanted a helping hand with their marketing strategy, specifically, identifying and qualifying their target market. This not only included looking for future clients, but also for future employees. By defining the scope of their market, we set realistic and dependable expectations, clearly articulating the company’s culture and intended direction for the future. After developing a sound marketing plan, we incorporated its elements into the website launch and ongoing maintenance.

Website Development and Design

We completed a holistic WordPress website redesign and relaunch including new SEO-rich copy and Google Analytics integration. A significant pain point for Redpath was that they lacked ownership of their previous site, which was relieved by giving them ownership of the site we developed. The focus was on designing the website with a meaningful flow to direct potential hires and customers to the appropriate pages.

Website Maintenance Plan

After the website was launched, we continued our agency partnership with Redpath through our monthly Website Maintenance Plan (WMP). Through our WMP, we acted as Redpath’s new webmaster by providing ongoing website maintenance services and SEO copywriting. Our WMP ensured their software investment remained current and relevant with their messaging, marketing strategy, and employee recruitment efforts.

The Result

Partnership and Trust Five Years in the Making


Key Metrics

Redpath’s analytics saw immediate and sustained improvement after the website relaunched. The website currently sees as many visitors in one month as it did in the three months prior to our partnership. Google Analytics data demonstrated that other key metrics also improved considerably:

Monthly Organic Search


Monthly Direct Traffic


Monthly Sessions



Client Feedback

Redpath saw a significant increase in staff awareness for cross-selling their services. Positive reviews from clients regarding their website experience saw an increase in volume. Potential hires were better able to locate the inquiry and resume submission page. Although the COVID-19 pandemic erupted during our partnership, we led a smooth transition from in-person check-ins and digital marketing strategy sessions to virtual guidance, alleviating any setbacks or loss in efficiency as a result of the lockdown and ongoing pandemic.

Redpath’s Feedback

Our point of contact was appreciative of our training and support. We acted as his backup and resource if he had any questions, and he learned a lot during our time designing the website. The team at Redpath shared that they enjoyed our 5-step process and speed of implementation. They appreciated the flexibility we provided, as they could pick up the phone or submit a support ticket and get a quick response from the Evolve team. There’s a strong level of understanding and trust between us as we continue our long-standing digital marketing and website maintenance partnership.

“I reached out to the team at Evolve Systems and we discussed a solution that would ensure the [website] core of our system was managed, as well as the front end of our site. As a result, our website is now faster, more secure, and stable. The Evolve tech team is extremely responsive, and I receive a monthly report detailing the work that was performed. If your company relies on your website as its #1 marketing tool, I recommend investing in the WMP to ensure you’re protecting your most valuable marketing asset.”

Sean Sullivan Marketing Director, Redpath CPA’s

Together, We Can Achieve Your Goals