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SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance

SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance

Same Reliable Services, New Digital Strategy

SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance is a family-owned playground repair and consulting company based in Minnesota. As a recent second-generation company, the new owner wanted to carry on SafetyFirst’s reliable infrastructure while expanding their digital capabilities and increasing their service area. SafetyFirst needed a full-service digital partner that could meet their evolving digital needs as someone who understood and supported their business goals.

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The Opportunity

Building Trust Based on Listening and Understanding


SafetyFirst is a well-known playground vendor serving the midwest and beyond with unmatched customer service, innovative products, and unique services. With increased competition and new goals, SafetyFirst found itself facing new business challenges.

  • Were accepting all orders and inquiries via phone which led to difficulty processing and tracking orders
  • Needed to ramp up sales in order to maintain an exclusive contract for their one-of-a-kind surfacing, Nature’sPlus
  • Had to improve marketing to support the recent business succession

During our discovery session, we discussed SafetyFirst’s business priorities as well as secondary items including website functionality and copy to develop a comprehensive marketing and website program.

The Solution

Strategies That Don’t Play Around


To successfully address SafetyFirst’s main challenges, Evolve led them through an ongoing digital program rather than siloed projects. By using a program approach, SafetyFirst received a comprehensive website and marketing strategy that would implement sustainable solutions to their current business challenges as well as prepare for future concerns; which was especially critical during the pandemic in 2020.

The program focused on these key pieces:

  • Refreshed and updated the website – Evolve focused on improving on-site SEO (search engine optimization) and website messaging by expanding services pages and adding market pages to effectively reach their target audience.
  • Added shopping cart functionality – To streamline orders and tracking, an ecommerce integration was added to the website that allowed visitors to view and order products.
  • Ran paid ads for surfacing product – After optimizing the surfacing landing page, we ran multiple paid advertising campaigns including Google text, display, and retargeting ads.
  • Technical SEO updates and content creation on a monthly basis – Each month, Evolve analyzed SafetyFirst’s website to prioritize and implement SEO enhancements and content publishing.
  • Marketing materials – Created tradeshow material including booths, banners, and handouts for sales support
The Result

Solving Immediate Challenges While Strategizing Long-Term Results


As SafetyFirst moved through the program including ecommerce development, paid advertising campaigns, and SEO updates, each step followed an overarching strategy driven by SafetyFirst’s challenges and goals. This allowed for incredible results including:

  • Increased sales and brand awareness for surfacing product, Nature’sPlus
  • Received inquiries outside their original targeted midwest area to expand their market and audience
  • Enabled the ability for customers to request a quote, submit a question, and place an order online rather than via phone
  • Benefited from regular website and content updates for consistent messaging and higher search rankings

Through the routine website and content updates, SafetyFirst experienced a major improvement in their online performance within the first 6 months of the marketing program:

Website Leads


Organic Search Traffic


Average Session Duration



For advertising, SafetyFirst’s Google PPC ads remained above average across multiple data sets.

  • The average cost per click was $0.51, with an industry average of around $2.61
  • The average click-through rate was 5x higher than the industry average

SafetyFirst Playground Maintenance is able to rely on Evolve for any ideas related to the digital world, marketing, and design as their full-service, trusted partner. They receive personalized communication and business-specific strategies from a team that understands and cares about SafetyFirst’s success.

“Evolve keeps things simple. They bring a personalized approach to our website and marketing strategies so that the agreed-upon plan aligns with our current business needs and opportunities. With Evolve, we have a partner at every pivot and need. They have the people and experience to get things done.”

Marissa Bauer Owner and President, SafetyFIrst Playground Maintenance

Together, We Can Achieve Your Goals