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SCN Printing Inc.

SCN Printing Inc.

A Website and Marketing Manufacturing Program for Evolving Business Goals

SCN Printing Inc. is a design, labeling, and manufacturing company built on a passion for providing excellence at every touchpoint. Through a long-standing partnership with Evolve Systems, their website and marketing program has evolved alongside their business goals. Today, their website allows them to strategically plan or quickly pivot based on priorities.

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Web Development and Digital Marketing


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The Opportunity

Elevating Their Online Presence for Their Customers


While SCN Printing Inc. excels with leading technology and methodologies, their website lacked the same innovative standard. As their manufacturing industry and target audience evolved, they recognized the opportunity to improve their online presence to serve their customers better.

A few of their goals include:

  • Elevate their website to meet modern capabilities, design, and functionality
  • Meet the digital expectations of their shifting target market and customer demographic
  • Continue to update the website to reflect changing product line and service offerings
The Solution

Building a Website Supportive of Marketing


After SCN Printing Inc.’s discovery session, the first step of our 5 step process, we developed a comprehensive website strategy.

1. Flexibility and Growth

SCN Printing Inc. needed to build their website on a platform that supported modern functionality and feel. This meant creating a WordPress website that was flexible to the unique needs of their business.

2. Customized User Journey

The design and development of the website were specifically guided by user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) best practices to ensure positive visitor interactions while authentically guiding them through their preferred customer journey.

3. SEO-Rich Content

The website content was optimized to align with user interest and SEO best practices. The new copy heightened SCN Printing Inc.’s communication with visitors and customers by offering detailed information in a condensed manner that would inform and engage the visitor.

4. Post-Launch Marketing

The refreshed website provided a foundation for digital marketing to succeed. After the website launch, SCN Printing Inc. was able to implement sales and marketing tactics that supported their business plans. Some of these marketing initiatives included:

  • Added and updated product pages
  • Created a branded capabilities deck
  • Product-based social paid advertising
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The Result

The Refreshed Website Provided the Ability to Make Critical Marketing Pivots


SCN Printing Inc.’s web development program resulted in an appealing and functional website encompassing their business goals and missions. It prepared SCN for long-term success through higher rankings while offering upfront benefits.

  • The website featured components and designs that would adhere to the expectations of the new generation of decision-makers
  • Their online presence focused on innovation and leading technology which contributed to their brand awareness and leadership in the market
  • The reliable site functionality enables visitors to perform desired actions and lead to online conversions
  • The SEO and copy enhancements allowed the site to compete online by adhering to search engine best practices effectively

The site provided a reliable marketing tool that could easily respond to their needs. For example, SCN Printing Inc. created a safety product to help schools adjust to safety precautions during the pandemic. Using the site’s flexibility, the new product was added along with the integration of an online cart. Within a single month, they experienced a significant increase in website activity.

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“Evolve is our ongoing strategic partner for SCN Inc.’s digital presence and website. We rely on the Evolve team to respond quickly to our business needs while providing valuable and thoughtful leadership. We’ve worked with their team for many years now, and the responsive communication and wide range of capabilities allow them to respond to our different projects to reflect our manufacturing goals.”

Scott Adams Vice President, SCN Printing Inc.

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