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Straub Design

Straub Design

Custom Solutions for a Leading Manufacturer

Straub Design is an automated tape application manufacturer that engineers custom tape solutions. Their state-of-the-art innovation and experience make them a highly competitive industry leader yet they lacked an equally noteworthy online presence. After receiving a personal referral, Straub Design partnered with our team to boost their branding, website, and marketing strategies.

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The Opportunity

Needing a Website that Markets and Marketing that Sells


Straub Design has a long-standing position in the tape application industry. They had the expertise and customer loyalty to advance but they needed a website and marketing strategy that would meet their growth goals. A few of the areas they wanted to focus on included:

  • Increase the modern standards of their business and website branding
  • Ensure a reliable, highly functional website to support their extensive product lines
  • Improve their SEO and marketing strategies

Through a long-standing partnership, we’ve led Straub Design through our marketing program. By following a program approach, Straub Design’s strategies are building blocks that allow for a sturdy foundation, evolving strategies, and better results.

The Solution

Evolving Through Business-Specific Strategies


To begin, we hosted a discovery session with Straub Design to understand the details of their current activities, identify areas of opportunity, and align about their goals. We then identified how to establish a program that followed a comprehensive, business-specific strategy. And as their business grew, we evolved our strategies to match their shifting priorities.

1. Creating a New Logo

To enhance Straub Design’s position in its industry, we started by creating a new logo that represented the key attributes of their business. They also received brand guidelines to easily create consistent use and implementation of the new branding.

2. Refreshing Their Website

Straub Design’s refreshed website aligned with the standards of their business, audience, and search engines. It provided an online platform that could connect with visitors through relevant content and engaging display while also following SEO best practices. It gave them a platform to grow with their expanding product line.

3. Integrating a CRM

To streamline the sales funnel, Straub Design introduced SharpSpring, a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation system. We helped set up their workflows to manage each stage of the funnel and created branded communication templates. We also integrated the CRM system with Straub Design’s existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

4. Supporting Their Website’s Performance

After the development of the new website, we provided monthly maintenance checks and updates through our Technical Webmaster Services. The maintenance plan is a monthly review of the website to ensure it is functioning to its optimal performance, such as updating plugins and security features.

5. Ongoing Marketing Strategies

Through our marketing program, Straub Design receives ongoing marketing strategy and execution to meet their evolving needs. Some marketing tactics have included optimizing their YouTube videos, trade show preparation, new product releases rollout, and SEO improvement.

The Result

Receiving Tangible Organic Results


Straub Design experienced an immense improvement in their marketing and website performance. We’ve been partners with Straub Design since 2014 and we continue to celebrate alongside them as they reach and exceed new goals. The results from their program have and continue to have a direct impact on their bottom line.

Website Results

When we compare the 6 months before their website refresh to the first 6 months of 2021, we see a significant increase in website activity.

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YouTube Results

To showcase their advanced and customized products, Straub Design publishes videos on YouTube. These videos are repurposed to increase their marketing reach which has encountered a major increase in the same 6-month comparison.

Total Views


Total Watch Time


Number of Subscribers



CRM Results

With the integration of their SharpSpring CRM and marketing automation system, Straub Design was able to manage their pipeline in a central and organized location that lead to more sales. When comparing the year before Straub Design implemented SharpSpring versus the year after, their close rate almost tripled.

Before a CRM


After a CRM


Close Rate



Straub Design is a well-known manufacturer and by following our strategic website and marketing plan, they’ve been able to grow their leadership in the industry. Our program approach ensures every step of their growth is supported and elevated by strategic website and marketing plans.

“We have worked closely with Evolve Systems for over 7 years to facilitate a variety of marketing objectives including the continuous improvement of our website, upgrading our CRM system and developing a strategic marketing program. We value Evolve’s commitment to our business and consider their support to be a key contributor to our growth.”

Paul Ebnet President & CEO, Straub Design

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