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COVID-19: Why You Need To Update Your Google My Business

Google My Business and COVID-19

Schools are closing, companies are issuing work from home policies, the world is running out of toilet paper… Everything is changing!

We’ve all been receiving frequent emails from companies explaining how they preventing exposure and safeguarding their employees, such as cleaning surfaces every 45 minutes, limiting customers to curbside pickup.

So, Google My Business is asking, “Is the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Affecting your Business?”

Last week Google started reaching out to businesses through their Google My Business (GMB) accounts requesting them to update their business details if the COVID-19 is affecting their day to day business.

Why Update Your Google My Business

Updating your Google My Business is always a beneficial practice, but with the shifting climate that we are experiencing, it’s more important than ever. The COVID-19 has created a state of confusion and questions, but your costumers still need to know what to expect from your business. One of the most effective ways to communicate this is through Google My Business. If users search your company, Google My Business regulates what is information is displayed under your business profile, and this is the information you want to ensure it up-to-date.

Below is an example of a Google My Business email notification; chances are if you have a Google My Business set up, you ave already received this email.

screenshot of Google's COVID update directions

What You Need to Update

How a business assists and communicates with its clients or customers during this time of crisis will go a long way to build a personal connection for future business growth. Keeping accurate and current information is the first step! Here are a few areas that Google recommends updating.

Change or update your business hours

If your business hours have changed, now offer curbside pickup, have limited availability, or if/when your doors are open, this needs to be included on your GMB page. Hours will show when the customer visits your business profile.

Change or update your business description

It is a good idea to explain whether or not your business operations are affected by COVID-19; use this section to share information about any extra precautions the business is taking during this time or how your business operations have shifted.

Change or update your business phone number

If your team has changed locations, are working from home, are using video conferencing, etc., updating this information will help customers reach you.

Create updated posts for your business

Share detailed and timely updates about what’s going on with your business through the post section. Google provides an example of adding information about what products and services you have available, links to other resources, offering safety updates, etc.

Google My Business Resources

‘Google My Business Help’ page

Google also offers a COVID-19 help page to guide and assist businesses with questions. Click here to visit Google’s GMB help page.

How to get started

Follow these steps to access your Google My Business page.

Once you are logged into your GMB, the main page will have a box dedicated specifically to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). And, you’re all set!

If you have any questions on accessing your Google My Business or changing your information, get in contact with Evolve Systems! We can help reduce that extra stress so you can focus on your other business tasks. Fill out the form below or visit our website.