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Creating a Digital Distinction to Match Minnesota Construction Law Services’ (MNCLS) Character

Minnesota Construction Law Services, MNCLS, is not your traditional construction law firm. The team at MNCLS are individuals who have personally worked in the construction industry and small business world; they lived the hard hat life before they became lawyers. MNCLS needed a brand, website, and message that accurately represented their distinction in the industry, so, they came to Evolve Systems.

First, we conducted a discovery session to explore MNCLS’ background, learn their goals and setbacks, and collect the information necessary to create a comprehensive recommendation.

To begin the Minnesota Construction Law Services project we started with a total brand refresh. We designed a new logo and brand assets that made MNCLS stand out from the typically dull law firm style. The new brand compelled people to notice and remember their business.

MNCLS logo comparison

Next was the website design and development phase. Evolve Systems advanced MNCLS’ new brand by establishing a website that upheld modern technology advancements while incorporating unique personalization to meet the specific functionalities for business operations. In addition, the website copy was carefully created to internalize the desired MNCLS voice that would engage their audience. And with the incorporation of SEO best practices, the website remained a site equipped to compete on SERPs while acting as an effective marketing tool. Each component of the MNCLS website, from the navigational features to the CTAs, was strategically constructed to reflect the needs and goals of the MNCLS team.

MNCLS website screens on phone and laptop

Yet designing a new brand and modern website is just the first part, the ongoing marketing phase allowed Evolve Systems to outline a marketing plan to push these developments to the MNCLS audience.

By implementing digital marketing best practices and maintaining consistent messaging, these efforts continue to ‘evolve’ Minnesota Construction Law Services.

To read more about our work with MNCLS, please see here.

The team at Evolve Systems is a talented and dedicated group of experts who strive to contribute their skills to the success of the client. We create a space of collaboration, not only with clients but among the team, to create and implement recommendations that coincide with all of the client’s needs.

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