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Evolve Systems®’ 2019 Foodservice Distributors Report Ranked UNFI #2

UNFI Foodservice Distributors Report

Foodservice Distributors Report 2019: United Natural Foods, Inc.

The Foodservice Distributors Report is a comprehensive research report of 50 foodservice distributors that was created by Evolve Systems®. From the research, the report ranked United Natural Foods, Inc. number 2!

United Natural Foods, Inc., UNFI, is a foodservice distributor with 60 distribution centers delivering over 300,000 products with 1,000 new products arriving monthly. UNFI’s dedication to providing healthy and sustainable food that is accessible to everyone is demonstrated through its customer-centric solutions. UNFI makes the healthy option fast and affordable while maintaining its reputable quality.

Website Measurement Criteria

The rankings were based on 5 criteria categories totaling 100 points. Below is a breakdown of what the categories are, how they are scored, and how many points they are worth.

1. Website aesthetics – 20 points

  • The aesthetic appeal of the website.

2. Website tools – 15 points

  • If the website used Google Analytics and SEO tools.

3. Website security – 15 points

  • If the website had an SSL certificate.

4. Social media presence – 25 points

  • If the company had Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and/or Pinterest accounts.

5. Website traffic – 25 points

  • If the company had traffic coming from multiple channels.

UNFI’s Score

UNFI website report score

UNFI received 95.5 out of a total of 100 points, ranking them as #2 among the 50 analyzed foodservice distributors. UNFI’s score is described below based on each measurement category.

1. Website aesthetics

  • UNFI received 18/20 points because the website is appealing when compared to competitors in the foodservice industry, yet when compared to other platforms customers experience it shows room for improvement. The website layout could quickly be considered outdated as technology advances.

2. Website tools

  • UNFI received 12.5/20 points because the website employed Google Analytics.

3. Website security

  • UNFI received 15/15 points because the website had an SSL certificate, therefore, protecting visitors and supporting trust among customers.

4. Social media presence

  • UNFI received 25/25 points because they had an account on all of the social media platforms analyzed in the report including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and Pinterest.

5. Website traffic

  • UNFI received 25/25 points because it used multiple traffic-driving sources including referral, social, email, display advertising, and paid search. This indicates that UNFI implements different marketing strategies to initiate traffic and engagement with its website and brand.

Overall, UNFI upheld a strong website and social presence with technology and digitally progressive practices. UNFI’s website was engaging in regards to its industry, used Google Analytics to improve its digital presence, safeguarded its website with SSL, managed accounts on multiple social media platforms, and enacted external traffic-driving channels. The website, according to the Foodservice Distributors Report, ranked as superior, an impressive attainment in such a large industry.

The full report can be downloaded below.