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We are excited to announce that Evolve Systems acquired Snap Agency effective July 1st, 2024, merging our efforts, teams, and clients under one brand name. Stay tuned for more details!

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Evolve Systems: 2023 by the Numbers

A Magnificent Year to Reflect On!

We made it… Happy New Year, everyone! 2024 is here!

This past year has been a year of growth for Evolve Systems. We have grown our team more than ever before, grown our business and clients, expanded our offerings and programs, and celebrated our 21st anniversary in style! There are a lot of exciting memories to reflect on from 2023 that we created our “2023 By The Numbers” recap to share with you.

Our team’s magnificence was shining through in everything we accomplished this year. We showed grit, flexibility, joy, achievement, growth, and change — but we grew bigger and stronger as a team through it all.

A year cannot go by without thanking our incredible clients. Thank you for trusting our team with your most valuable asset… Your businesses. This is a responsibility our team does not take lightly, and are continually delighted to elevate our clients to new heights. We look forward to continuing to elevate and cheer you on throughout 2024!

Enjoy our 2023 year-in-review recap!

Building Partnerships and Serving Our Clients

56 Job Orders Signed

Our business has grown year over year, yet we had fewer Job Orders signed this year than in previous years. At first glance, that might seem backwards. But this shows that we continue to align with the right partnerships for the long haul, requiring less new work and more in-depth, long-term relationships. More qualified leads lead to more qualified partnerships which allow us to be the best strategic partners for our clients!

Another way to say it? Our process is working and that makes us very excited going into 2024!

10 Different Industries Served

  1. Food and Beverage
  2. Accounting Firms
  3. Shipping and Logistics
  4. Professional Services
  5. Education
  6. Consulting Firms
  7. Assisted Living
  8. Engineering
  9. B2B Service Provider
  10. Veteran

Branding and Design Services

3 Branding Programs

Your brand is the first thing people see when they look at your business. It is the most powerful and public-facing representation of who you are and, many times, the reason people are interested in working with you. We elevated 3 clients by creating a new brand that represents who they are in a fresh and exciting way.

5 Programs that Expanded into Design Work

In 2023, 5 of our clients expanded their businesses to new heights by expanding their programs into design work.

Working with an in-house digital agency allows our team to be familiar with your business, meaning we can pivot to your ever-changing needs without having to outsource a different company. Our team guides you through the entire process and is hands-on at every stage. Watching your brand evolve is one of our greatest passions!

Website Development and Maintenance Services

14 Completed Website Builds

We delivered 14 new websites to our clients, managing all aspects of the site from start to finish. Our team strategized, designed, wrote, optimized, and built the websites as our clients’ sole partner for their website upgrades.

215 Resolved Help Desk Tickets

Our Help Desk is a website support portal for our clients to submit support tickets. Our responsive development team replies to all tickets to quickly solve or answer your technical issues and questions. As you can see, they solved a lot of problems in 2023!

Marketing Services

Our marketing programs follow a marketing strategy carried out in monthly increments. Each month, our team analyzes and provides marketing recommendations that will achieve the overall strategy. This includes website updates, content creation, SEO (search engine optimization), paid advertising management, and much more.

401,580 – Total Paid Advertising Clicks

960,059 – Total Visitors/Users

3,441,781 – Total Pageviews

426,846 – Total Organic Search Clicks

401 – Tags Created in Google Tag Manager

33 – GA4 Accounts Created/Transitioned

Industry Leadership

24 Blogs Published

This past year, our team published 24 blogs! As industry experts, it is a priority for our team to provide our clients and readers with essential and relevant information on topics within our industry. We publish monthly blogs covering hot trends and industry news and sharing occasional exciting company news!

24 Newsletters Sent

Every month, we strive to share 2 newsletters with our Evolve community! It’s a fun and engaging way to stay connected with our clients, partners, and friends. We’ll keep you up to date on all the latest industry trends, free downloads and resources, and exciting Evolve news. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the know!

Team Wins

4 New Team Members

This year, we added four new members to our team who have made a HUGE impact on our programs. If you haven’t been formally introduced yet, we welcomed Gretta (Program Manager), Kelsie (Sr. Graphic Designer), Patrice (Sr. Content Strategist), and Syed (Technical Project Coordinator)!

1 Service Dog and 1 Baby Evolver

Our Sr. Graphic Designer, Olivia welcomed her service dog, Lacey, into her home this year! Lacey is an apricot Standard Poodle and is a Certified Support Animal and Service Dog in training. You can learn more about Lacey here.

We are excited to announce we welcomed a baby Evolver to our team in December. Nicole, our Content Strategist, recently welcomed a baby girl — just in time for the new year!

Are You Ready to Evolve?

We are geared up for a new year, new goals, and new accomplishments! Our team is ready to provide your business with strategies that drive results. Let’s make 2024 the year your business takes control of elevating your digital presence or brand! Connect with us today to get started.