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Evolve Systems’ Five-Step Process

Evolve Systems is a family-owned, full-service digital marketing agency based in St. Paul, Minnesota serving clients on a national scale. As an agency with expertise across the digital spectrum, including branding, website development, marketing, and more, our partnerships advance businesses by using a comprehensive approach. Our recommended strategies incorporate leading considerations from different digital perspectives that will develop one another to fully support the business.

Evolve Systems follows a distinct process for onboarding new clients that ensures our services are addressing challenges and creating solutions.

Our Five-Step Process

Evolve Systems’ five-step process follows a proven and strategic method for understanding a business, providing thoughtful leadership, and executing quality actions. We rely on the years of experience and prominent knowledge from our team to collaboratively develop a plan that heightens and sustains the digital needs of each individual client.

The five-step process includes:

  1. Strategy
  2. Design
  3. Build
  4. Market
  5. Support

1. Strategy

To begin, Evolve Systems hosts a discovery session to take a deep dive into the prospect’s business. In order to develop a successful strategy, our team needs to understand the details of the business.

The discovery session is scheduled between the client’s decision-making team and Evolve Systems department leaders. Our sales team preps the discovery team with the background necessary to establish a baseline of information and inquiries to ensure a productive session. This includes running an audit of existing digital activities, such as website performance or paid advertising, to understand how the business is currently interacting and using their online presence.

The discovery session is led by Evolve Systems and follows a predetermined course that discusses all of the background information that will unfold a complete picture of the business. Some for the topics discussed during the Discovery Session include:

  • What is your brand’s current or envisioned voice?
  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • Who are your competitors? And what do you like or dislike about their digital presence?
  • What is your current sales process?
  • What business goal(s) do you want to achieve?

And much more. The discovery session ends with the prospect identifying the mission statement for the project to ensure both teams are aligned on the objective to confirm a well-communicated and effective partnership.

After the discovery session, our internal team sets off to analyze and study the gathered information and data to compile a digital recommendation specific to the client’s business. This takes into account each facet of the business’ online presence to guarantee each component contributes and supports the mission statement, including the design, build, and market of the client’s brand, website, and marketing.

2. Design

The strategy starts by ensuring the brand identity aligns with the current business. This includes aligning with industry standards, targeted audience, and voice as well as adhering to modern design standards. The design phase considers how the design material supports the business across different digital platforms and printed materials, including the logo, website, marketing material, etc. In order to promote a business, the visual brand needs to be identified and designed to guide the branding of the next steps. Design is critical across each phase as it builds the visual appeal and recognition of the brand so it’s essential that we incorporate the design team throughout the project.

3. Build

The next step is the development of the web-based platform, most commonly the development of the website. Evolve Systems’ extensive expertise in website development, including WordPress, E-commerce, and custom work, allows our team to provide the knowledge necessary to create a digital platform for every business need. The building phase includes enhancements, rebuilds, or new builds depending on the needs and analysis of the client’s site presence.

During this phase, the design and development team collaborate to create a website that meets the functional requirements for the business as well as considers the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) best practices to align with modern performance expectations, including mobile responsiveness. The design and build steps equip the business with the branded platform necessary for marketing.

4. Market

Next is the marketing phase. With the foundation of the business’ website, it provides the resources to strongly market the business. Evolve Systems develops data-informed and business-specific marketing strategies that target the unique considerations and objectives of the business.

Evolve Systems uses the information gathered in the discovery session to guide each aspect of the marketing strategy. We consider your current actions and resources, ideal audience, competitors’ efforts, and more. Each component of the marketing strategy supports the business goal, from building brand recognition to emphasizing brand authority, using the specifics of the business.

Learn more about the importance of building and using a marketing strategy.

5. Support

The digital world is constantly evolving. There are a countless number of updates, trends, and expectations that shift seemingly every day. For your business to stay up to date in the digital world, you need to consistently allocate attention to your online presence.

This includes ensuring the performance of your website’s backend is supported through continual and expert-level care. Our website maintenance plan, called EvolveCare, accounts for arising updates or changes that need attention in order to function properly in the future. After the initial launch of the website, the project is never completely concluded because as the digital world evolves, so should your website. Learn more about what your website maintenance plan should include.

In regards to marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), Evolve Systems offers marketing retainer plans based on the marketing strategy to carry out marketing tasks. The monthly marketing retainer includes an analysis that reflects the needs and accomplishments of the business. It may include basic and technical SEO, paid advertising, content creation, website and ad reporting, and much more. This allows Evolve Systems to develop and implement leading marketing content that will engage and emphasize the brand.

Evolve Systems’ five-step process is a map of each digital component our team needs to address and consider when developing and executing recommendations. Our strategic approach ensures each step of the project supports one another while growing the value of the business. Evolve Systems transforms business vision into digital realities that are motivated by long-term results.

Learn more about Evolve Systems’ process by watching our full webinar recording, “Evolve Your Business Marketing: How to Build a Strategy,” as we discuss this topic and more.