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“Evolve Your Digital Strategy: Why Analytics Matter” Webinar Recap

On Thursday, June 24th, Evolve Systems hosted the webinar, Evolve Your Digital Strategy: Why Analytics Matter, where Joe Drennan, Marketing Manager, discussed the different types of analytics, why it important to track, and what key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure.

Below is a recap of the webinar, including additional resources for more information. To watch the full webinar, please click the following link!

What are Analytics?

Analytics is the data pulled from different platforms that are measured to provide an in-depth look at the performance, both positive and negative, of the platform, such as a business’ website, social media, etc. 

A few examples of common analytics include:

Website Analytics

Analytics allow you to see how people are coming to your website (from what channels or platforms) and what they are doing while on your site (what links they click or pages they visit).

Paid Advertising Analytics

With analytics you can measure the return on investment (ROI) for different paid advertising, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc., to understand the effectiveness of each ad.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics provides insight into your accounts and posts activity, and how it impacts your sales and marketing efforts. 

Email Campaign Analytics

Analytics show information on the performance data of your emails to measure the influence of each campaign.

Important KPIs

Below we outline a few of the key performance indicators Joe discussed during the webinar regarding the four platforms. Check out the webinar for the full list!


  • Unique Visitors- New people that have visited the website
  • Bounce Rate- When someone lands on a website but leaves immediately or within a short period of time without taking much action
    • 41-55% is a good bounce rate
  • Goal conversions- Downloading a PDF, watching a video, listening to a podcast, etc. are examples of goal conversions since they can be measured as an ROI

Paid Advertising

  • Impressions- How many people are seeing the ad
  • Clicks- This is how many people are clicking on the ad
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)- Numer of clicks divided by the number of impressions
    • A good CTR is often less than 1%


  • Click-Through Rate- How many times people click the CTAs (call to actions) on the email
  • Forwards- How many times recipients forward the received email
  • Bounce Rate- How many emails are unsuccessfully delivered to the recipient

Find out more about email marketing KPIs.


  • Reach/impressions- How many people see the post
  • Engagement- How many people click/comment on/share/watch/etc. the post

Advanced Analytics


  • Demographics includes information such as age or location
  • Can use demographics to analyze the trends or changes of your audiences’ age or location and how this shifts your targeted audience


  • Technology includes information such as devices or browsers/OS
  • Can learn how your audience is accessing your website and in return how it can influence the design or updates to your website

Acquisition Source

  • Acquisition sources can measure information from websites or campaigns
  • Use UTMs to track the end-to-end customer journey

Case Studies

Myopain Seminars


  • Issues tracking course registrations, instructors, and classroom materials through their website

What Evolve Systems Did

  • In-depth enhancement to their overall digital presence
  • Introduced new tools for managing event registration
  • Added an ecommerce feature so they could sell classroom supplies


  • Can easily track attendee signups
  • Can effectively process registrations
  • Can now track classroom supply interest and sales


Redpath and Company


  • Google Analytics was not set up correctly to track site visitors or report goal conversions

What Evolve Systems Did

  • Complete website redesign
  • Followed SEO best practices
  • Google Analytics properly set up


  • 25% increase in traffic
  • Ability to now track goal conversions
  • Positive ROI from their initial investment


Caltronics Design and Assembly


  • Access issues
  • Outdated modules
  • Were not tracking analytics

What Evolve Systems Did

  • Site SEO optimization
  • Backend development upgrades
  • Content updates


  • SEO health increase from 63 to 89
  • Tracked over 40 goal conversions in the first 13 months
  • Increased sales due to leads generated from the website

Analytics Tools

Google Analytics (Free)

Adobe Analytics (Paid)

Google Tag Manager



Social Media Platforms

Learn more about the FREE analytics tools that can help improve your business’ digital strategies!

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