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“Evolve Your Website: Planning Your Website Project” Webinar Recap

On Thursday, November 12th, Evolve Systems hosted the webinar, “Evolve Your Website: Planning Your Website Project,” where Don Raleigh III, New Business Manager, discussed the steps and goals of planning a website project.

Below is a recap of the webinar that highlights the main points, including additional resources discussed during the presentation. Watch the full webinar recording below!

What to consider when planning your website

Below are a few of the questions covered in the webinar that you should ask your business and your agency or digital partner.

Questions to ask yourself

  • What is the purpose of the website? Convert, sell, or persuade?
    • Why did/do you want to create the website? What is the goal of your website that will benefit your business?
  • What direction are you taking your new website?
    • Similar to the question above, but be more detailed on how your website can achieve those goals both now and in the future.
  • Do you actually need a website partner to bring you to the next level?
    • At what level is your business starting your website project? Where your business stands will impact the complexity of your website, therefore determining if you need an agency to help create and develop your website.

Questions to ask your agency

  • What is your process for onboarding?
    • Understand what to expect when you are starting your partnership with an agency for clear upfront communication.
  • How do you manage pricing and billing?
    • Know the details of the contract to protect your business down the road.
  • Do you offer training for your clients once the project is launched?
    • How does your agency not only provide you the tools to succeed but equips you with the education and knowledge to maintain that success.

Website budgeting

First, what is your investment floor?

  • What is your annual revenue?
  • What percentage was generated through your website?
  • What is the average onboarding cost of one of those clients?

Second, what is your investment ceiling?

  • How much can you invest?
    • Think 5% of operating expenses

After determining these numbers you can determine the range that your business could allocate to your website budget. A website is a long-term investment that is a critical part of your business’ growth and value.

Recommended tools

SEOquake is a browser extension that lets you conduct an on-page SEO audit to understand the SEO parameters. It allows you to understand your website’s internal and external links, keywords analysis, and more.

Wappalyzer is a Google Extension that provides what tools and platforms a business’s website is using. It is useful for competitor research.

Google Search Console
Google Search Console can tell you if your website is built for mobile devices. This provides insight into your user’s experience while using a mobile device.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics will show you how your business is currently being found and performing online. If you can understand how your audience is finding you or where you are lacking, you can boost or change your strategies based on those measurements.

SEMrush is a tool to measure how your website’s SEO and keywords are performing in comparison to competitors and the industry. Using this information, you can implement the right keywords for your business into your website copy.

Case Studies

RedPath CPA

RedPath did not have complete control over their website costing them a large bill for every time they wanted to make an update. They wanted a high-performing website that they also had access to manage.

During our discovery session, we took the time to understand their business goals and current website pain points. Understanding this information allowed us to design and develop a website that was easy to use but could handle their online needs.

They experienced a 2.5% increase in website traffic nearly overnight and equipped their staff with information to cross-sell their services. Since our process includes website training, they have complete control over their website while we provide leadership for more technical or advanced website management.

Minnesota Construction Law Services, MNCLS

MNCLS wanted a website that would represent their brand’s distinction in the field to connect with their audience while supporting their business operations. One of their goals was to promote their educational courses to increase attendance.

Evolve Systems reimagined MNCLS’s branding that transferred to the visual and voice of the website. The development included the functionality to display a calendar to promote upcoming educational events.

After the release of the website, MNCLS increased the number of people signing up for the courses. The increase relied on the website to act as the number one marketing tool that supports additional promotional efforts.

Learn more about MNCLS’s website project.

Website Planning Template

The website planning template provides a step by step guide on how to plan for your website project. It gives insight into the information you need and questions to answer that will set your business up for a successful website project.

Learn more about the website planning template and access the download.


To learn more about the content covered in the website or if you have any questions, please contact Don Raleigh III at or 651-556-4635.