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“Evolve Your Website: Revamp Your Website After COVID-19 Using SEO” Webinar Recap

On Thursday, May 28th, Evolve Systems hosted the webinar, Evolve Your Website: Revamp Your Website After COVID-19 Using SEO, where John Kocon, Digital Strategy Manager, and Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, Client Champion and Relationship Manager, discussed how search engine optimization (SEO) offers an effective and affordable solution to help your business after the pandemic.

Below is a recap of the webinar, including additional resources for more information. To watch the full webinar, please click the following link!

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, SEO, is the process of improving your website in order for it to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO aligns with search engine algorithms, such as Google or Bing, therefore is impacted by many different factors.

SEO as a Website Best Practice

SEO Benefits

A few of the benefits discussed include:

  • SEO is benefiting your business at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week), therefore able to reach your audiences anytime they conduct searches
  • SEO can target local markets by using location-based practices that communicate with search engines where your business is located and what you offer
  • SEO improves your website’s user experience, therefore engaging your audience for a longer duration of time- Click here to learn more about SEO and UX

SEO Drawbacks

A few of the drawbacks discussed include:

  • SEO takes time and ongoing effort in order to see results
  • SEO encounters frequent changes since search engines are constantly updating their algorithms
  • SEO keywords need to compete organically with paid ads which can make ranking difficult depending on the keyword

SEO Across Different Businesses

SEO offers a range of services that make it applicable to different sized businesses.

Small Businesses

  • Focus on growing your local online presence
  • Gain reviews which offer social proof for search engines- Click here to learn more about online reviews
  • Build backlinks using social media- Click here to learn more about link building

Medium-Sized Businesses

  • Add more content to your pages, such as including more information on product pages
  • Optimize images to add more value to your website while increasing page speed- Click here to learn more about optimizing images
  • Focus on improving basic SEO practices, such as meta descriptions/meta titles or fixing broken links

Large-Sized Businesses

  • Prioritize your budget to target technical SEO practices such as schema optimization- Click here to learn more about schema markup
  • Format and update your content so it targets different types of Google search results, especially featured snippets- Click here to learn more about optimizing for Google’s organic results
  • Optimize your page from top to bottom which includes targeting the basic SEO practices discussed above to the technical SEO work through ongoing maintenance- Click here to learn more about building your SEO strategy

Case Studies

Below we discuss examples of small, medium, and large businesses that have and continue to benefit from our SEO services.

Small Business Case Study: Pats Building Maintenance

Pats Building Maintenance is a janitorial, carpet, and floor cleaning business that needed to improve its local targeting.

Some of the SEO work Evolve Systems has completed include:

  • Cleaned up the site’s UX
  • Increased the number of reviews
  • Improved keyword rankings, including targeting its local services

Medium-Size Business Case Study: Orchards of Minnetonka

Orchards of Minnetonka is a senior living facility that recently opened so they needed to implement a strategy to effectively compete in the industry.

Some of the SEO work Evolve Systems has completed include:

  • Added a click-to-call feature to streamline a visitors ability to contact them
  • Added Q&As to the website for improved user experience and to offer more information for search engines
  • Improved local business presence with Google My Business

Large-Size Business Case Study: Caltronics Design & Assembly

Caltronics Design & Assembly offers printed circuit board (PCB) assembly and electronic design services and wanted to gain more ground in the industry and expand its target market.

Some of the SEO work Evolve Systems has completed include:

  • Created separate pages for their new target markets
  • Added RFQ forms to make the process easier for visitors and improve its qualified leads funnel
  • Focused on technical SEO, including page speed and schema markup

SEO as a Post-Pandemic Option

SEO offers numerous benefits to counteract the effects many businesses are facing because of the pandemic and economic changes. A few of the points discussed include:

  • Pivoting your marketing plan so it speaks to your ideal audience in order to build personal relationships with customers and foster brand loyalty- Click here to learn more about creating a digital client relationship
  • Investing in areas that you have clear control over that improve your website’s performance, such as adding clear CTAs, improving website copy, or ensuring your website appears properly on the mobile screen- Click here to learn more about mobile SEO
  • Offer clear updates on how your business is changing because of COVID-19 in order to streamline communication with your customers- Click here to learn more about the importance of using Google My Business

Click here to learn more about how COVID-19 has impacted SEO and what to know for the future.

SEO Resources

John recommends the following free SEO resources to start analyzing and understanding your website’s SEO.

Click here to learn more about the tools discussed

Wrap Up

The Evolve Systems team has experience and expertise in analyzing a business’ websites while understanding their business goals in order to initiate and implement an SEO strategy specific to the business. As a full-service digital agency, we are able to use our different digital services to further maximize your SEO plan; for example, our website developers work closely with our SEO team to ensure the creation or improvement of websites follows ongoing SEO changes and our digital marketing work is backed by our SEO services for a well-rounded strategy.

For more information about SEO, get in contact with the Evolve Systems team by filling out the form below!