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The Foodservice Distributors Report 2019 Case Study: Gordon Food Service

Gordon Food Service in Foodservice Distributors Report

Foodservice Distributors Report 2019

The Foodservice Distributors Report is a comprehensive research report consisting of 50 American food distributors. The report ranked Gordon Food Services number 3 with a total of 95 points out of 100 total points. Gordon is the largest family-owned broadline foodservice distributor in North America with 24 distribution centers across the US and Canada serving 4 million customers. Gordon’s drive to provide quality products and services is represented by its 120 years of operation.

Gordon Case Study: Imagery, GIFs, and Instagram

Gordon Food Service’s website stood out among the distributors researched because of its excellent visuals prominent throughout the site. Gordon’s use of aesthetic food photography, entertaining GIFs, and a captivating branded Instagram account makes Gordon’s website highly distinctive.


Gordon Food Service uses beautiful imagery throughout its website to captivate visitors and give them ideas for unique ways to prepare food. Gordon’s high-quality imagery, specifically photography, is necessary to present its modern capacity. Imagery reflects how a company operates, therefore, pleasing photographs greatly impact a visitor’s first impression and indicate credibility.

Gordon Food Service website photos

For example, their product pages use photographs to represent the product categories. Each image demonstrates careful planning in styling the layout of the image so the subject clearly stands out. Gordon’s attention to the detailed photography across the site enhances their content to deliver quality and innovation.


Gordon Food Service website gifs

Gordon demonstrates their willingness to accept and implement modern visual content by developing and incorporating GIFs. These short video loops are another way to surpass their high standard of photography because these GIFs are both eye-catching and playful, which sparks happiness and keeps visitors engaged when browsing the site. While uncommon in the foodservice industry, Gordon’s GIFs allow their website to emerge as a visually advanced company.


Gordon Food Service instagram

Gordon’s top-notch visuals transcend its website and demand attention on its Instagram account. Upholding the same standard, Gordon’s photographs, GIFs, and videos ensure each post is just as compelling as the last, and equally as mouth-watering. Gordon leverages on Instagram’s distinction to advance engagement through trending food visuals that showcase their products without the active sales talk. Overall, Gordon’s Instagram strategy uses the platform’s unique social features, including stories and highlights, to extend their marketing efforts.

Overall, Gordon has embraced the imagery advancements and expectations and not only incorporated in its website and social platforms, but placed it as a distinguishing element. A highly ranked website has many criteria and a dominant indicator is the presence of modern photography and visual effects.

The full Foodservice Distributors Report can be downloaded below.