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Foodservice Distributors Report 2019

Foodservice Distributors Report 2019

An analysis of 50 foodservice distributors

At Evolve Systems®, our entire business is based upon serving the needs of B2B companies. As we were creating websites recently, we noticed that the foodservice distributor websites we encountered seemed to be some of the most outdated. We wanted to better understand if this held true industry-wide, why, and what was happening in the foodservice distribution industry by doing independent research and then sharing our findings.

Based upon our findings, our assumption was true; the foodservice distribution industry is due for a digital facelift. Not only were the majority of the foodservice distributors’ websites we studied unappealing and lacking eCommerce capabilities, but many of them had yet to adopt modern marketing methods like visual and video social media platforms and paid advertising.

We hope that by sharing our research, foodservice distributors will see the need to give their customers a better experience online in order to remain competitive and discover ways in which to do so.

Report Highlights

  • 78% of websites used Google Analytics
  • 24% of websites used SEO tools
  • 52% of websites used SSL
  • 40% of websites used WordPress
  • 78% of companies were independent / family owned
  • most websites were unappealing
  • low presence on visual and video platforms

Companies Included in the Report

Each company received a score based on:

  • Website Aesthetics
  • Website Tools
  • Website Security
  • Social Media Presence
  • Website Traffic

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