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Gary Anderson Landscaping Designs Beautiful Landscapes with Stone and Sod, We Design Beautiful Websites with Structure and Style

Gary Anderson Landscaping is beautifying the Twin Cities metro area one backyard at a time. Between their personal service and innovative craftsmanship, Gary Anderson Landscaping continues to create landscaping dreams that one only thought existed in the magazines.

Our client needed a website that would appeal to their ideal client. One that would equally match the high-end aesthetic that they design for clients. Since they desired to keep their original brand, Evolve Systems® creatively used their existing logo and colors to create something new, innovative, and upscale.

First, we adjusted the spacing of the logo elements to conceive more negative space that provides a solemn feel. In addition, we created and used iconography as a modern twist when explaining their five-step process. We also rephrased and redesigned Gary Anderson Landscaping’s copy and collateral to establish a sense of sophistication. The remodeling of the design, messaging, and marketing collateral equipped them with the brand positioning to effectively address and attract their ideal client.

We designed a website that would reflect something to be viewed. Like landscaping art, the Gary Anderson Landscaping website resembled a piece to be appreciated as a literal reflection of their work, instead of just a simple website.

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