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Giving a Local Leader a New Community Platform

Evolve Systems and Diana Pierce’s Partnership

Diana Pierce spent over 30 years anchoring for KARE-TV, a Twin Cities news channel, becoming a local celebrity. Using her status in the community and desire to inspire others, Diana Pierce wanted to establish an online 50+ years old community. She wanted to create a space that supported the recurring question many people in this group asked themselves, “What’s Next?” Diana Pierce wanted to build a platform to share stories, promote her speaking services, and express her personal passion for creativity.

As a St. Paul-based company, Evolve Systems had been a part of the KARE-TV community Diana Pierce had built for many years. Evolve Systems was now able to support Diana Pierce through her next business venture.

The Process

To begin, Evolve Systems hosted a discovery session with Diana Pierce to learn more about her business and her digital needs. It was an in-depth dive to understand how to create new branding and a website that would support each facet and idea of her business. Evolve Systems used this information to establish a comprehensive strategy that would meet her real business goals. Using this information, Evolve Systems moved into the branding and website development phases.

In order to enter the market, Diana Pierce needed branding and a logo that clearly voiced and positioned her brand. Using a modern design that incorporated both the creativity and professionalism of her business, the new logo was conceptualized, designed, and approved.

The website needed to act as a platform that hosted Diana Pierce’s different initiatives in a manner that made sense to visitors and search engines. Each detail of the website was carefully constructed based on the discovery session that followed a strict strategic process. It included industry best practice while personalizing the needs of Diana Pierce’s business.

The appearance of the website followed Diana Pierce’s branding guidelines to establish brand recognition that stood out in the marketplace. The UX and UI design supported a positive user experience to encourage visitor engagement. Furthermore, the site included the functionalities that Diana Pierce needed to implement her digital goals.

The Outcomes

Since Diana Pierce has an existing status in the community, the new logo used her recognizable name to promote her new business endeavor. The logo gave Diana Pierce’s brand a visual identity that could represent her business throughout all her marketing and service offerings to reiterate brand recognition.

Diana Pierce’s old website had complex navigation making it difficult for users to find what they were searching for. In addition, it would frequently malfunction which could discourage visitors from remaining on the site and inhibited Diana Pierce from effectively communicating the value of her business.

The new website gave her the platform to grow her online presence. It provided digital technology to create her online community while providing space to express her passion for creativity. The platform acted as the main place to cultivate relationships and increase business. Importantly, the website allowed Diana Pierce to communicate her speaking and emceeing services. It acted as an authentic way to promote her services to expand business opportunities and increase her name in the industry.

Overall the branding and website welcomed new and existing audiences through a well-developed online presence. It allowed Diana Pierce to balance her different business and personal interests that would continue to promote and grow her business.

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