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How Google Maps Can Benefit Your Business

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Why is Google Maps important for businesses?

Google Maps has evolved over the years from a simple virtual map to a place to explore local businesses, plan your detailed commute, and uncover new suggested locations.

The platform is more than a map, it is a place of discovery.

Google Maps offers numerous marketing advantages for businesses. But first, let’s take a look at what recent updates and features have transformed Google Maps into such a powerful marketing tool.

Explore Tab for a Map of Businesses

During Google Map’s 2020 update, Google added an ‘Explore’ tab, which allows users to easily search nearby businesses.

By scrolling through the business listings, users can view all their options and make a decision. The map of businesses displays relevant company information, including:

  • Ratings and reviews
  • Photos and images
  • Updates and posts
  • Links to their website
  • Click to call button
  • Click for directions

The explore tab allows users to discover new local places all from one single platform.

Personalized Google Map Businesses

In 2021 came even more updates. Google Maps offered expanded exploring and personalization features including:

Google Maps Helps Businesses Convert

Each year we see Google Maps magnify its role as an all-in-one tool for searching, comparing, and evaluating businesses to make an informed and actionable decision.

It’s not only a tool for finding directions from point A to point B, it’s a tool for discovering point B; making it an even more advantageous platform for businesses.

With over 1 billion Google Map users in 2020, Google Maps for businesses creates a viable opportunity to connect with a huge audience. And uniquely, an audience that is ready to make a decision.

How Your Google Maps Business Listing is Created

Google Maps business listings are pulled from your Google Business Profile, formerly Google My Business. How to help Google Maps showcase your business, you need to create or claim and optimize your profile.

Start by setting up your Business Profile on Google and filling in the requested information as completely as you can. The information they will ask for includes:

  • Contact information and address
  • Hours of operation
  • Business description
  • Photos and images
  • Social profiles
  • Share updates or posts

Once your Business Profile is created, the same information is displayed on Google Maps business. If you ever need to edit what is displayed on Google Maps, simply update your Business Profile, and Google Maps will pull the updated information.

5 Ways Google Maps Benefits Businesses

With so many people relying on Google Maps, it’s become a compelling marketing tool for businesses. It helps users find anything and everything. From searching for nearby restaurants, locating a car repair shop, or finding the best cocktails in town, Google Maps is the go-to solution.

Learn the five ways Google Maps for businesses should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Advantages of Google Maps:

  1. Helps people find your business
  2. Allows people to quickly contact your business
  3. Encourages people to visit your website or location
  4. Displays your business with images
  5. Offers customer credibility through review

1. Google Maps Helps People Find Your Business

As mentioned, one of Google Maps’ largest assets is it allows people to quickly find your business. The local search capabilities allow Google Maps to pin and list businesses that relate to the user’s search. The user can easily view their options before deciding to visit or contact the business.

Google Maps acts as both a search engine to find the business users are searching for, and then as a map to direct users to that location.

This is especially important since nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location, meaning Google Maps is a critical driver of mobile traffic.

2. Google Maps Allows People to Quickly Contact Your Business

When users view your Google Maps listing, the platform provides a comprehensive index of your business which includes your company’s phone number. And since most Google Map searches are performed by phone, they can call your business with just one tap.

Since people use Google Maps to make a decision (e.g. where to find donuts or locate a nearby clothing store), the platform provides users with the ability to easily contact the business, ask questions, and then decide to visit or not. It makes it easy for users to take the next step and for businesses to directly connect with potential customers.

3. Google Maps Encourages People to Visit Your Location or Website

In addition to providing a business phone number, Google Maps also highlights other contact or visiting information.

For brick and mortar stores, such as shops or restaurants, users can quickly explore your business’ profile and find directions, all from one central location. No need to toggle between apps or web pages. It’s a simple scroll and tap between a lead and a customer.

For businesses that sell services or products that require more research or are a larger purchase, the Google Maps listing links directly to your website. Users can research and learn more about the company in an easy-to-access manner.

The Google Maps platform is a driver for both in-person and website traffic.

Of course, this means your website needs to be designed for mobile screens to convert Google Maps business traffic!

4. Google Maps Displays Your Business with Images

Users nowadays are infatuated with images. When exploring or evaluating a business, imagery can easily be the deciding factor.

Let’s take, for example, that you are deciding between two restaurants for brunch with friends. After looking at the reviews and menu (right from your Google Maps business listing), you turn to the photos of the food.

For the restaurant with more and better images, they will more times than not win your decision.

Up-to-date information and content are important, photos and images bring a visual representation of your business that otherwise would be lost.

We recommend that your business shares images to your listing (through your Google Business Profile). But even more powerful are the photos your customers post through reviews.

5. Google Maps Offers Customer Credibility Through Reviews

Nothing builds brand trust more than social confirmation from others, and the most successful way to do this is through online reviews, which Google Maps displays in the profile listing.

Google Maps’ business credibility includes:

  • Star ratings
  • Written reviews
  • Submitted images

Encouraging consumers to leave reviews on Google allows other potential customers to gain trust in your business and prompt conversions.

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy with Google Maps for Business

As Google Maps features and capabilities expand, so does its position as an effective marketing tactic for businesses. Most importantly, there are ways you can optimize your business profile to cater to the Google Maps advantages listed above.

Time to make Google Maps work for your business!

Get in touch with our team, and let’s start your Google Maps marketing strategy.