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How Ongoing Marketing Has Supported Orchards of Minnetonka’s New Website

The Partnership

Orchards of Minnetonka is a senior living center providing leading care with an environment that fosters community and vibrant living. Orchards of Minnetonka offers activities, programs, and opportunities that support good health and fulfilled wellbeing. With the array of senior living options, it caters to the needs of each resident so individuals and their families feel assured and excited in their services.

Evolve Systems started their partnership with Orchards of Minnetonka when the property was still being built. With such a competitive market, Orchards of Minnetonka needed to jumpstart their digital presence and marketing in order to ensure occupancy before opening. By working with a full-service digital agency, it provided the opportunity to move into search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing after the website project with a company that was already familiar with their brand.

Website Design and Development

Since the website design and development started during construction, the initial website hosted the architectural drawings to showcase the final project which acted as a marketing tool to gather applications. To further build anticipation, the website hosted a construction camera to provide a visual development of the project so visitors and future residents already felt a part of the senior living center.

The website launch aligned with the construction schedule so each step was strategically planned to follow the progression of the business. This allowed the website to act as their primary marketing platform for comprehensive communication about their business, senior living options, and services. It allowed their target audience to interact with the business before they even opened their doors to initiate a successful kickoff.

The website catered to the target audience with specific industry considerations based on research and findings. The site answered commonly searched questions, highlighted unique services and programs, and provided in-depth information to adhere to industry standards. With the high competition, the website specifically targeted location to capture local search results.

The modern design included leading UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) considerations for optimal navigation and positive visitor experience, all while presenting Orchard of Minnetonka’s brand voice. It showcased their exceptional healthcare capabilities while highlighting their mission to exceed traditional senior living to provide a specialized space of energy and cheer.

Monthly Marketing Retainer

After the launch of the website, Orchards of Minnetonka moved into a monthly marketing retainer with Evolve Systems that focused on search engine optimization (SEO). The marketing retainer allows Evolve Systems to analyze the site’s performance to pinpoint areas for enhancement while responding to requests sent by Orchards of Minnetonka for a strategic yet flexible SEO approach. In addition, the marketing retainer allowed Orchards of Minnetonka to receive monthly reports to summarize the performance of and gain insight on their website.

Since Evolve Systems began the monthly marketing retainer with Orchards of Minnetonka we have recommended and implemented a wide range of SEO marketing updates that have improved the overall website and business.

Some of the marketing items completed include adding new pages and updating the site’s navigation as the business expands and needs additional web pages. This ensures the new pages are on-brand while integrating with the site. Evolve Systems has advanced Orchards of Minnetonka’s targeted search engine results page (SERP) rankings by implementing technical SEO practices, such as schema, and incorporating leading marketing platforms to align with the ever-changing demands of Google and other search engines. This includes improving and optimizing the site for mobile which requires continual progression to uphold modern standards.

As the business grows and the website continues to gain traction, Evolve Systems has optimized and created new website copy that expands Orchards of Minnetonka’s brand voice and messaging while aligning with SEO best practices. The copy incorporates researched keywords that elevate Orchards of Minnetonka’s rankings to increase their competitiveness in the industry.

Each of the highlighted marketing retainer items above, and many more, are determined through data-driven analysis and comparative measurements. The marketing retainer’s strategic approach ensures each month aligns and supports the overall business. This is supported by monthly reports generated by Evolve Systems to show improvements, explain progress, and influence upcoming recommendations.


Within the past year, the website’s bounce rate has dropped by 35% meaning the number of times people visit the website and leave soon after has significantly decreased. The pages per session have increased by 29% and the average time on page for all forms of traffic has increased by 40.59% meaning people are visiting more pages on the website and staying for a longer time. These numbers clearly indicate that the website is functioning properly, adhering to visitor’s expectations, and engaging the targeted audience.

The website design and development allowed Orchards of Minnetonka to capture conversions before the facility officially opened to jumpstart their business and initiate their place in the market. By continuing their partnership with Evolve Systems, it allowed their website to continually improve and uphold their digital competitiveness. Evolve Systems’ approach to the marketing retainer using monthly website reports and industry expertise has supported Orchards of Minnetonka’s digital presence that expands to their business accomplishments.

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