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How to Get Started in Ecommerce

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Are you thinking about starting an online store? From expanding your online presence, switching ecommerce platforms, or just exploring your options, the right ecommerce platform can significantly boost your business. We gathered resources on three ecommerce solutions, BigCommerce, OpenCart, and Shopify, as well as a blog on integrating ecommerce with an existing WordPress website, to simplify the research process.

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1. A Beginner’s Guide to BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers four plans that provide different levels of features in order to scale with your business. The ecommerce platform provides many built-in features to reduce third-party reliance and offers a robust SEO toolset to increase your business’ SERP performance. Last, BigCommerce integrates with many payment gateways without extra fees, therefore limiting operational costs.

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2. A Beginner’s Guide to OpenCart

OpenCart offers a simple and affordable platform for businesses who are just jump-starting their ecommerce store. The platform is free and pre-equipped with many features while offering numerous extension options to enable a space to learn more about how an online store operates and what your business needs to succeed.

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3. A Beginner’s Guide to Shopify

The five Shopify packages enable the platform to accommodate many different sized businesses and their specific needs. Shopify’s comprehensive and cloud-based platform makes your online store easy to navigate and access from anywhere you need to access it. The modern themes and additional applications, such as Oberlo, allow your ecommerce platform to look and perform in high capacity with continuous customer support.

Ecommerce on WordPress website

4. How to Add Ecommerce to WordPress

If you have an existing WordPress website and are looking to now integrate ecommerce, there are many options to consider. We simplified the search for you by curating four of the top options and summarizing the benefits of each.

From BigCommerce’s integrated features, OpenCart’s free platform, and Shopify’s easy yet robust capabilities, in addition to adding ecommerce to your WordPress website, there are many options to choose from when creating an online store! These resources should guide the beginning phases of determining the right solution for your business.

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