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How to Plan for a Website Project – Free Website Planning Template

If you are here because you need a new website, want to revamp your current one, or something in between, you’re in the right place! As a website and marketing agency, we’ve figured out just what you need to get your website up and running in the right direction.

Below is an outline of what goes into planning a website (which is significantly helpful if you’re here for that same reason!), but if you just want the website planning template, you can scroll to the bottom for the download.


Why You Should Plan for Your Next Website?

Your website, like your phone, has a short lifespan because of how quickly technology changes. We recommend that your website is refreshed or redesigned every 3-4 years so that it stays technologically up-to-date and meets the requirements necessary to get found by search engines. Yet the subcategories under these two reasons are seemingly endless which shows just how important it is to frequently evaluate your website to determine if it’s supporting your business.

Below are other examples of when you should consider updating your website:

  • Shift in products or service offered
  • Change in business or selling model
    • Ex. needing to sell online with an ecommerce website
  • Outdated branding or content
  • Your website isn’t getting visited or it’s not driving in leads

As with business planning, the more prepared you are the more you can anticipate changes and adapt to new situations as they arise.


Website Planning Process

The website planning template, downloadable below, will guide you through each phase of the website planning process including determining the direction, gathering the background research, establishing the desired design & functionality, framing the content & user experience, and verifying the domain set-up & website maintenance. Each phase is broken down into questions which detail what considerations, steps, and decisions are needed. This is the proven website planning process the Evolve team follows when preparing for a new website project. We hope this template helps you make the first step towards a revised or redesigned website!

1. Determine Direction

In order to create a website that delivers expected results, you first need to establish the “why” behind your website project. Determining the purpose of the website will drive a goal-oriented process that will lead to a rewarding outcome.

2. Research

Providing an analysis of your company’s background and information provides an understanding of how to position the website that will best portray your brand, engage your audience, and compete in your industry.

3. Design & Functionality

Before building a website you need to establish a comprehensive understanding of how the site should look and feel and what it should accomplish. There needs to be a foundation of the site’s desired functionality so all of the pieces, development, UX, and content, effectively flow together.

4. Content & User Experience

Detailing what the site should incorporate, such as SEO enhancements, user journey, site layout, etc., ensures the pages are specifically created with the final project in mind. Each aspect of the site should contribute to positive user experiences across the whole website.

5. Domain Set-up & Website Maintenance

Domain security and website maintenance are not glamorous but the technical maintenance of your website’s performance and upkeep is key to keep your site up and running smoothly.


Final Considerations & Website Planning Template

Developing a website takes time and effort to guarantee the final product fulfills your initial goals while contributing to the overall success of the business. For a strategic partner in executing a website, get in touch with the experts at Evolve Systems and we’ll provide a helping hand.

Download the website planning template with detailed questions below to get started!


Download the Free Website Planning Template