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Say YESS! Said Yes to the E-commerce Store

Say YESS! is directed by Sue Hawkes that offers business consulting services to help companies and leaders build their team, target their purpose, and increase their profit. Say YESS! offers speaking engagements and consulting as a certified EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) implementer.

Sue Hawkes recently released her new book, Chasing Perfection: Shatter The Illusion; Minimize Self-Doubt & Maximize Success, and created a line of the branded Unf♥<kwithable® merchandise to advance the Say YESS! business. In order to sell the items online, Say YESS! needed to add E-commerce capabilities to their existing website.

With the limited number of products and their quickly approaching deadline, Say YESS! wanted a simple shopping cart that was easy to manage without the inconvenience of advanced website knowledge. Yet, they needed an E-commerce store that would equally provide a shopping experience that upheld their brand standard for quality.

Since Evolve Systems also follows the EOS business model to implement a holistic approach towards business and clients, our recommendations did not just show how Evolve Systems would complete this isolated project, but rather demonstrated how our recommendations would contribute to their overall business goals.

To begin, Evolve Systems conducted keyword research to use while writing the product titles and descriptions. The keywords reflected Say YESS!’s industry, services, and products to effectively target the ideal audience and increase search rankings. The product titles and descriptions strategically incorporated the keywords to add search engine optimization (SEO) value while emphasizing Say YESS!’s voice for compelling messaging.

The Evolve Systems team then moved into integrating the E-commere platform, WooCommerce, to the existing website to provide a modest yet dynamic online shop. Using specific E-commerce user experience (UX) considerations, Evolve Systems developed the shopping cart that proudly showcased the new merchandise.

The online store was implemented to seamlessly integrate with the current website through straightforward navigation and clear content. The store allows users to easily browse the merchandise while encouraging users to continue exploring while capturing the sale. The checkout process is unique to the needs of Say YESS! to ensure all information is captured and processed for both quick internal processing and positive user experience.

In addition to integrating and creating the WooCommerce store, Evolve Systems completed additional recommended website maintenance that would enhance the overall site, therefore, contributing to the success of the store.

Evolve Systems understood that the E-commerce integration was an extension of the Say YESS! brand and represented their business growth, so our recommendations and execution reflected that recognition. The new store provides the functionality to sell merchandise without the frustration of unnecessary management while still maintaining a leading online store for customers.

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