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Introducing SharpSpring – Powerful All-in-One Sales and Marketing Platform with Automation

SharpSpring’s Campaign Insights interface shown on a laptop screen

What is SharpSpring?

SharpSpring is an all-in-one growth platform with a suite of tools for managing marketing and sales with built-in automation and CRM capabilities. Drive, manage, and convert more leads with SharpSpring.

SharpSpring helps businesses drive more leads by providing:

  • Visitor ID
  • A/B Testing
  • Dynamic Forms
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Call Tracking
  • Ad retargeting

SharpSpring helps businesses convert more leads to sales by providing:

  • Behavior Tracking
  • Lead Scoring
  • Email Automation
  • Sales Notifications
  • A Mobile CRM
  • Chatbots

SharpSpring helps businesses optimize their ROI for marketing activities by providing:

  • Campaign Analytics & Customizable Reports
  • AdWords Integration
  • Content ROI Tracking
  • Online & Offline Lead Tracking

SharpSpring is our recommended marketing automation and CRM system. It provides all its capabilities upfront without unexpected and expensive plan upgrades allowing you to easily grow into its full potential. We provide onboarding and ongoing support to help implement the program and expand it as your business grows.

Below we highlight some of the key features we and our clients use:

  • Visitor ID
  • Forms
  • Ad Retargeting
  • Automation
  • Dynamic Landing Pages
  • Smart Email
  • Social Media
  • Chatbots
  • CRM
  • Analytics

Visitor ID

Anonymous Web Visitors

SharpSpring’s Visitor ID uses reverse IP lookup to identify the users visiting your site. It provides you with contact info, including names, emails, and phone numbers for each website visitor.

Track Known Leads

Track and notify sales when a lead comes back to your site.

Daily Visitor ID Email

SharpSpring sends you a daily email with the anonymous web visitors, leads, opportunities, and customers that have visited your site in the past day.

Example email with a list of website visitors and their lead score information

Important Pages

You are able to indicate in SharpSpring important pages so that when a lead visits one of those pages their lead score can be boosted.

Industry-Specific Contacts

You have the option to set Visitor ID to only show you the visitors from specific industries you choose.


Site visits that don’t apply to your business can be filtered out.


Built-In Form Builder

With SharpSpring’s dynamic form builder, you can build and customize your form to look and feel like your site in minutes. And even better, create unique form fields to gather data used to quickly qualify leads.

3rd-Party and Native Forms

Map 3rd-party and native forms with SharpSpring’s mapping tool. SharpSpring supports major form-building tools, including FormStack, Gravity Forms, Wufoo, and Salesforce.

Form Insights

SharpSpring allows you to measure, compare, and optimize the performance of your forms in order to gain a deeper understanding of your marketing ROI.

CRM Integration

Pass data from forms to 3rd-party CRMs or SharpSpring’s CRM.

Universal CMS Compatibility

SharpSpring’s forms look great on all major CMSs.

Assign Personas at Form Submission

A field can be added to your forms for a question that maps to your buyer personas. Your leads can select a description that resonates with them.

Ad Retargeting

Build Retargeting Audience

Quickly create unique audiences using automation that you want to retarget in your different ads.

Attribute Ad Leads to Campaigns

Track the success of your ads by attributing leads from the ad to its appropriate campaign for comprehensive measuring and reporting.

Advertise Across Different Platforms

With SharpSpring, you can manage retargeting ads across many major advertising platforms including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and more.


Visual Workflow Builder

Create a journey your buyer will go through, from the moment they become a lead to the moment they convert to a customer. Add specific touch-points to their journey for automated tasks. Branching logic is supported.

Example of SharpSpring’s visual workflow interface with a map of triggers and actions

Lead Nurturing

Drip email campaigns can be automated throughout the buying journey. Automatically send pieces of content at just the right time to help your lead make a purchase decision. Salespeople can be notified when leads are ready to buy.

Lead Scoring

Assign points to a lead for engaging with your company and set triggers for when a salesperson should reach out to the lead based on point thresholds. Examples of touchpoints that points could be assigned to a lead: fill out a form, visit a specific page on your website, and click on a button in an email.

SharpSpring’s lead scoring interface demonstrating how leads are calculated based on different criteria

Dynamic Lists

SharpSpring gives you the ability to create lists that automatically update as your contacts meet the list’s criteria. This allows you to segment your leads and customers and send them targeted marketing and sales materials.


You can build out personas using a customizable template. These personas can help you create more targeted emails and landing pages that will better resonate with each persona.

Email and Text Alerts

Set alerts for your sales team via email or text when a lead engages with your company in a specific way.

Dynamic Landing Page Builder

Point-and-Click Editor

SharpSpring’s intuitive interface allows you to create amazing-looking pages in minutes. It’s as simple as picking out a layout and components and adding a form.

Dynamic Content

Create pages with content personalized to each of your visitors.

Landing Page Funnels

SharpSpring allows you to create a series of pages that are linked in order to funnel visitors from prospects to leads.

Landing page created for course sign up leads to a Thank you page for completing the form

Smart Email

Email Designer

Create custom emails in real-time with SharpSpring’s email designer.

Dynamic Email

Send personalized emails to your leads and customers.

Library of Responsive Templates

Add your content to pre-designed templates. Dozens of templates are included. The templates are pre-designed to look great on any device and on any email client.

Screenshots of multiple pre-designed email templates available in SharpSpring

Custom Merge Variables

Create emails with merge variables for any custom field in SharpSpring.

Screenshot of how to add merge variables to SharpSpring emails

HTML Editor

Switch to HTML view while editing an email without needing to leave the page.

After-the-Click Behavioral-Based Email Tracking

Complete information on a visitor’s activity after they click through an email is available in SharpSpring, unlike traditional ESPs, like MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Email Workflows

Behavior-based workflows can be created in SharpSpring to engage a lead at critical points in the buying process.

Trigger Emails

SharpSpring gives you the ability to send confirmation emails, event alerts, shopping cart abandonment notices, quick personal notes, product recommendation emails, and any other relevant or timely message you need.

Social Media

Manage Your Social Content

Look at all of your planned social content in one place with SharpSpring’s Content Calendar.

Post Instantly or Schedule Posts

SharpSpring supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

Unlimited Profiles, Unlimited Users

Manage all of your social profiles in one place. Have 5 Twitter accounts? 2 LinkedIn pages? No problem.

Post Once Across Accounts

Share your content across social platforms simultaneously.

Monitor Conversations on Social

Find and filter conversations by hashtag, keyword, and more.

Identify Brand Advocates

Automatically adjust lead scores based on your leads’ likes, retweets, and shares.

Trigger Automations

Activate a series of emails when a lead interacts with your company on social media.


Personalized User Experience

Embed chatbots on your website to offer immediate customer assistance. Not only can your chatbot answer common questions, it can help make a conversion or upsell your products.

Gather Data and Improve UX

You can gather authentic and timely feedback directly from your customers and website visitors using your chatbot. You can use this information to improve your website to answer common questions upfront or streamline their journey on your website.


3rd-Party CRM Integration

Use SharpSpring’s built-in CRM or integrate your existing CRM. You can sync your leads, activities, opportunities, custom fields, lead scores, and more.

Custom Deal Stages

Track the progress of an opportunity and create custom deal stages to fit your company’s sales process.

Example of SharpSpring’s deal stage interface

Life of a Lead

This feature displays a timeline view of significant events for each contact.

SharpSpring’s interface of a life of a lead showing specific interactions the contact has had with the company like email views and website visits

Actionable Reports

Measure your sales success and forecast future sales.


Email Analytics

Track clicks, opens, bounces, and deliveries.

SharpSpring’s metrics report of an email’s performance

Campaign Tracking

Find the true ROI of your marketing efforts by linking costs and revenues related to each marketing initiative.

SharpSpring’s campaign insights tool with the breakdown of performance

Google AdWords Integration

SharpSpring has Google AdWords tracking built-in. You can see how your paid search campaigns are performing, keyword data, and determine the cost of a qualified lead.

Track as Many Sites as You’d Like

You can add a tracking code snippet to a website, microsite, blog, or landing page to start generating leads.

How SharpSpring Can Save Your Business Time

SharpSpring automates actions for your sales and marketing team while making it simple to manage and analyze your actions and leads. It takes the manual work out of your everyday actions giving you time back in your day.

We are excited to offer SharpSpring to our clients! We can help you elevate your business by using our recommended customizable and flexible CRM system. Get in touch with our team and let’s get the process started!