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SharpSpring Resources to Jumpstart Your Marketing and Sales

Getting started with SharpSpring CRM

SharpSpring is as a robust CRM and marketing automation tool that helps our clients grow. We have posted several resources on our blog related to SharpSpring and wanted to group them here as an easy go-to resource for anyone interested in learning more about the tool.

SharpSpring CRM and marketing automation system

1. SharpSpring- Powerful All-in-One Sales and Marketing Platform with Automation

SharpSpring is a one-stop-shop for managing your marketing and sales including automation, keeping track of deals in your pipeline, email marketing for nurturing leads, and so much more (trust us, there is a lot!). It is an impressive tool with even more compelling results.

SharpSpring Silver Partner

2. Evolve Systems® Is Now a SharpSpring Silver Certified Partner

With so many capabilities, we decided to take the tests to become a Silver Certified SharpSpring Partner to prove proficiency in such a powerful tool. Our clients experience personalized and comprehensive implementation and training to ensure a successful experience with SharpSpring.

Ultimate Guide to Marketing Automation Terminology

3. [GUIDE] Marketing Automation Terms- Go-To Guide

Next step, learn the lingo. Like with anything, there is specific terminology used in marketing automation. If you are someone new entering this area, it can make communication with experienced marketers confusing and intimidating if you don’t know the definition of the words they are using. Evolve Systems® understands that and has offered a comprehensive guide of some of the most common marketing automation terms for your convenience.

Creating Landing Pages That Convert

4. [GUIDE] A Go-To Guide for Creating Landing Pages that Convert

A primary goal of a landing page is to collect a visitor’s information, such as their name and email address. This can be accomplished through a variety of call to actions (CTA), including downloading a guide or registering for an event. A landing page is a critical marketing component, and SharpSpring has the tools to create an effective landing page to achieve your specific goals.

SharpSpring personas

5. How Using Personas in SharpSpring Can Increase Conversions

A persona is an in-depth representation of your targeted audience including important selling points. SharpSpring integrates personas into their automation system to make direct marketing a simple and effective process. Personalize your marketing, improve your strategies.

Personalize Your Marketing with Dynamic Content guide

6. [GUIDE] How to Personalize Your Marketing- Dynamic Content Go-To Guide

One way to personalize marketing is to use dynamic content, which is content that changes depending on who sees it and their past behavior, such as swapping out an image in an email or changing text on a landing page. SharpSpring provides the features to integrate this personalized process into your marketing to better align with the needs of your customers and improve conversions.

How can SharpSpring evolve your sales and marketing teams?

With an all-in-one, customizable marketing automation and CRM system, you can:

  • Automate daily tasks and save time
  • Don’t miss client follow-ups or key tasks
  • Easily track and manage your sales funnel
  • Align your sales and marketing teams
  • Measure and report on ROI

Contact us to for a demo to learn how SharpSpring can help jumpstart your sales and marketing.