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The Difference Between UI and UX and Why It Matters

UX vs UI respresentation

What does UX stand for? What does UI mean?

UX user experience

UI user interface

UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface. UX and UI refer to the processes that construct the development of a design. In website design, user experience and user interface work hand-in-hand to create a beautiful and functioning website.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UX vs UI respresentation

As an example, let’s analyze a website. First, let’s open our imaginary site, well done! Now, what do you see? We will keep it simple- there is a row of faded gray page tabs across the top, a sunset banner image with a large title below, followed by a text box with cursive font and a yellow “Click Here” button.

In this example, the UX is the researched and planned interaction design that guides how a visitor uses the site based on their needs and abilities and type of device they are using (laptop vs iPad vs Android). Let’s say in this design, by placing the tabs on the top it allows easy access for visitors to find their desired page and the “Click Here” button guides the visitor to take an action. UX design is about optimizing the desired path you want your visitors to take on your website.

The UI is the visuals the viewer sees including the layout of the site, the colors of the tabs and button, the image that was chosen for the banner, the typography of the title and the font of the text. User Interface is the aesthetics and layout that compliment the UX design. This designed product enhances the user’s experience through using endless visual assets, (color, text, shapes, etc.) to create an engaging presentation.

Why is UX and UI important?

Why UX and UI are important

UX and UI are important because they are the foreground for designing. You can’t have UI without UX, just as you can’t have UX without UI. A website without visual design is just a group of plain placeholders and a website without planned visitor engagement it just a bunch of colors and text that were thrown together.

Design is fundamental for countless fields, and UX and UI are integral in the development of an outcome that will engage the user while accomplishing its purpose. Together, the user experience and user interface create the design.

Improve Your Website’s Performance with UX and UI

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