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US Foods Ranked #1 in the Evolve Systems® 2019 Foodservice Distributors Report

US Foods in Foodservice Distributors Report

Foodservice Distributors Report 2019: US Foods

2019 Foodservice Distributors Report

The Foodservice Distributors Report is a thorough research report of 50 American foodservice distributors. Evolve Systems® conducted independent research of the foodservice distributor industry and their websites. We found that overall the industry lacked modern and necessary website and marketing standards.

Out of the 50 distributors analyzed, there were a few businesses that received a high score among the measured categories. The company that ranked #1 was US Foods.

US Foods is a foodservice distributor with more than 60 locations nationwide and headquarters in Rosemont, IL. Their exclusive brands, diverse services, and dedicated customer service reflect the company’s commitment to delivering quality and delicious food to each of their customers. They have nearly 25,000 employees, 250,000 restaurant and foodservice operator partners, and generate approximately $23 billion in annual revenue.


The companies in the report were measured based on 5 criteria, which equated to a number of points totaling 100. Below is a breakdown of those criteria:

1. Website aesthetics – 20 points

  • The aesthetic appeal of the website.

2. Website tools – 15 points

  • If the website used Google Analytics and SEO tools.

3. Website security – 15 points

  • If the website had an SSL certificate.

4. Social media presence – 25 points

  • If the company had Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and/or Pinterest accounts.

5. Website traffic – 25 points

  • If the company had traffic coming from multiple channels.

US Foods’ Score

Us Foods website report

US Foods received 97.5 out of a total of 100 points, ranking them as #1! Below, their scoring is broken down based on the criteria.

1. Website aesthetics

  • US Foods received 20/20 points because the website is simple yet inviting maintaining brand consistency throughout the pages. The site is easy to navigate with large text to highlight key points, along with up-to-date imagery that holds the user’s attention.

2. Website tools

  • US Foods received 12.5/20 points because the website utilized Google Analytics, but did not have an SEO tool.

3. Website security

  • US Foods received 15/15 points because the website had an SSL certificate, therefore, they had implemented precautions to safeguard their customers and themselves.

4. Social media presence

  • US Foods received 25/25 points because they had an account on all of the platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, and Pinterest.

5. Website traffic

  • US Foods received 25/25 points because the website traffic from multiple sources including referral, social, email, display advertising, and paid search. The diverse traffic shows that US Foods is utilizing marketing practices to drive awareness of its brand and website.
US Foods in Foodservice Distributors Report

Overall, US Foods ranked number 1 because they upheld modern technology and marketing standards across various aspects of their website. Sustaining and advancing your digital presence is essential for the growth of your business. US Foods effectively competes within the foodservice distributor industry because they implement time and resources into their digital presence which converts to concrete benefits.

The full Foodservice Distributors Report can be downloaded below.