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We Bridged the Gap in Foodbridge’s Online Presence

Foodbridge website project

Foodbridge’s goals:

The team at Foodbridge is comprised of food sales professionals that serve people with a mutual heart for food by assisting them along their individual paths to success. From creating marketing for manufacturers, providing sustainable foods for operators, and guiding partnerships for distributors, Foodbridge’s expertise in the food industry is vast and effective. Yet, their old website did not match the level of professionalism or voice that their company upheld. Foodbridge needed a modern site that would reach their targeted audience, act as a lead generator, and increase interaction.

Evolve Systems®’ services:

Evolve Systems® was determined to develop a website that would align to their mission, exceed their goals, and increase their sales. We designed, wrote copy, facilitated photography, and built the new website.

And, within the first 72 hours of the launch, they had their first website lead!

Foodbridge website form

The team at Evolve Systems® focused on developing a site that showcased their new and top brands and that was easy to edit in order to keep the brands up-to-date while maintaining a modern and brand-specific style. Ultimately, these updates and advances provided Foodbridge with the resource to effectively target their clients.

Foodbridge website with brands

For companies in the food industry, a modern website, branding, and marketing provides the resources to be a top competitor and attract your targeted audience. At Evolve Systems®, we have the experience and knowledge to help your business reach your goals.