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What is a Web Design Mood Board?

What is a Mood Board?


A mood board is a visual representation of an idea or feeling. It is a compilation of images, colors, texts, shapes, videos, or other content and objects used to organize or present a project. Mood boards are also known as an inspiration board and they do just that, they inspire a vision for a creative project.

Mood boards are used across the board (no pun intended) for various fields such as fashion, interior, or web design. There is no official right or wrong way on how to design a mood board because there are different types of mood boards, it just depends on what components the specific project requires. For example, digital interior design boards may include lifestyle photos and lighting features while a web design mood board may include text and graphics. The important thing is that the mood board is cohesive and comprehensive in order to demonstrate the direction of the project.

What is a Web Design Mood Board?


Specifically, a web design mood board is a communication tool to present the overall feel, aesthetic and goal of the website. By accumulating different content elements and inspirations, it provides a visual depiction of the experience and interface. Popular components of a web design mood board are:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Brand imagery (photography and illustrations)
  • Navigation method
  • Spatial or white space design
  • Contrast structure and emphasis

Benefits of Mood Boards for Website Design Ideas for Business Partners


Mood boards are especially important when a web designer is working with a client because it equally benefits both parties. It first allows the designer to jumpstart the project by exploring and sorting through different mood board themes and website design ideas. And by pitching a digital mood board to a client, compared to a more finalized design, it saves valuable time and effort if it is not accepted by the client. This plays into how a web design mood board benefits the client because it visually shows the direction of the web design and allows the members to discuss and work through different concepts. It eliminates possible miscommunication by ensuring everyone has reviewed and agreed on the project’s direction.

Last, a mood board sparks excitement! It uncovers a visual representation of what the website will look and feel like making the process of website development even more exciting.