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HED Cycling

The Opportunity


Evolve Systems® and HED Cycling were first introduced through a peer networking event, and after a short conversation, our team quickly identified substantial cost savings opportunities for HED Cycling. “The merchant processing conversation is what really started our relationship.” – Marnie Ochs-Raleigh (CEO, Evolve Systems®)

Through our conversations about the savings opportunities could provide, more information about their website and its’ shortcoming surfaced. During an ongoing discovery process, it became obvious that their website was not mobile friendly, could not be managed by HED Cycling’s internal staff, nor was it able to update inventory information with transactions.

The Solution


To solve their challenges, we performed an analysis of their current merchant card processing and identified HED Cycling could save more by introducing an interchange management system for their B2B transactions. Once this conversation was facilitated, we moved into a consulting role and started talking about additional aspects of their company and areas of opportunities. We quickly identified we could assist them in developing a custom software application for their client billing which integrates into their accounting system.

We worked with their team to identify their different product categories and assisted with data management, pricing updates, product descriptions, and an overhaul of their e-commerce platform. Through these updates and process changes, their marketing director, Paul Ellis, is now able to have complete control of their internet presence. This has given them the internal power to change and dictate their customer message and update their information as they see fit.

The Result


Since the launch of their e-commerce website sales have increased by approximately 25% and we have saved them a substantial 10% in their credit card processing fees. Additionally, they have rolled out their new merchandise truck that is able to go directly to events to sell merchandise and bicycle parts. Their new POS system allows them to track inventory, sales, and gives them the flexibility to expand their business to reach this new market of direct on-the-spot demand that can only be found by being where they need to be when they need to be there.

“From merchant process to inventory management, Evolve's technical background helped to improve the function of our online store, improving our ability to serve and sell directly to our customers. On top of that, the Evolve team was incredibly easy and enjoyable to work with. Thanks Evolve!”

Anne Hed CEO, HED Cycles

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