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The Opportunity


MNme, Minnesota Military & Veteran Exchange, is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of those involved and associated with the military. They have built a dedicated community by offering a collaborative platform of resources and partnerships to help service members and their families. MNme strives to enable connections among the military and veteran community in Minnesota.

Evolve Systems is revered in the MN veteran community as many of our team members have a personal connection to the community and we honor those who create positive impacts for the military community. Therefore, we were honored when MNme was referred to our agency and were thrilled to contribute to their mission!

MNme needed a website that clearly communicated their services and mission and be able to reach the targeted audience. The website needed to showcase all the resources and tools that are easy to access and navigate to ensure the audience could locate the services they desired.

Evolve Systems’ ultimate goal was to provide MNme with the tools to ensure their influential mission was fulfilled.



The Solution


First, in order to reach and engage the targeted audience, Evolve Systems designed MNme’s brand logo. Through research and collaboration, Evolve Systems created a logo that visually represented who MNme was as an organization, including their visions and their audience. For a company that strives to create a community, we designed a logo that encompassed that feeling. In addition, we created a brand standards guide to direct the appropriate use and manner of MNme’s brand to ensure consistency and development in the future.

Next, Evolve Systems designed and developed MNme’s website which is the foundation of their business services. Since the platform was where the resources and tools they provided would be located, it needed to be designed as a place for the military and veteran community to visit and collaborate. Therefore, we designed a website that functioned both as an easy-to-navigate resource page and a space to support the journey of the visitor.

The Result


MNme’s new branding and website gave them the necessary representation and platform to implement their organization. Evolve Systems guided them through the process of outlining the details of how they wanted their digital presence to achieve and as a result, their website reflected those visions. We take the time to collaborate with clients so we can understand their passion and create a product that exceeds their expectations.

MNme has been able to grow the Minnesota veterans and military community by connecting individuals and groups with the available resources. In addition, MNme has hosted resource meetings and acquired additional sponsorship to advance their mission.

Evolve Systems’ services are a reflection of our dedication to help our client’s businesses achieve their goals but also continue to grow. Therefore we have established an ongoing partnership with MNme for website maintenance and additional digital guidance. We help MNme evolve so they can continue to support and advance the Minnesota military community.

Together, We Can Achieve Your Goals