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Myopain Seminars

The Opportunity


Myopain Seminars offers dry needling courses across the globe and continues to grow as renowned leaders in the field. Myopain Seminars upholds an unparalleled level of expertise offering a wide range of courses and certifications that allow individuals and companies to advance their skill sets with leading medical practices.

With such a dominant position in the industry, Myopain Seminars needed a website that could function to the capacity that their company needed. Most importantly, they needed a system that could track course registration, instructors, and classroom materials through their website for easy management.

Evolve Systems entered the project when Myopain Seminars were experiencing serious obstacles because of the limitations and malfunctions of their website, which was impairing their business. In response, Evolve Systems took quick action to understand the website’s condition and implement improvements that would solve the current situation while equipping it for future success.

The Solution


The solution was an in-depth enhancement of their overall digital presence starting with the design and development of their website that included custom work. The site needed to operate both internally and externally on a high level in order for the desired functionalities to be possible. This involved integrating multiple modules in order to provide the functionalities needed, such as the instructor directory and the map locator.

Most importantly, Evolve Systems introduced a new and comprehensive tool for managing Myopain Seminars’ event registration. We developed the site with special consideration for the new tools to ensure they worked cohesively for seamless integration. This provided Myopain Seminars with the information necessary to track and manage their courses, that before posed multiple complications.

Furthermore, we added an eCommerce feature to the website so Myopain Seminars could sell their books and classroom supplies directly from their website. The eCommerce portal provided a straightforward option that made sales easy to manage while offering an effortless checkout process for the user.

The website development phase took in special consideration of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) in order to navigate the wide capabilities of the site while ensuring the design reflected their brand. This included designing the website as mobile-first to follow industry best practices and equip the website for optimal results. In addition, through copywriting, Evolve Systems enhanced Myopain Seminars’ messaging while adhering to SEO best practices.

The Evolve Systems team worked closely with the Myopain Seminar team to develop an advanced website that elevated their online presence and presented real-world benefits.

The Result


Before Myopain Seminars started working with Evolve Systems the website was unable to properly process course registrations or effectively promote their full services which were hindering their business. The new site, which is distinctively equipped with tools unique to their needs, established a reliable platform for business activity and management.

Now the site offers a positive user experience for visitors from learning more about Myopain Seminars to signing up for courses. Myopain Seminars is no longer experiencing difficulties with attendees signing up for courses, therefore streamlining their services to the audience. On the backend, the Myopain Seminars team is able to effectively process the registrations to ensure each course or event is planned and executed efficiently.

In addition, the website is able to grow with the business as they develop new goals for improvements while still operating at full capacity. Their online presence is ready to pivot with each new change or advancement that Myopain Seminars encounters.

This was especially important when the COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses across the world. Since Myopain Seminars was already equipped with the tools necessary for virtual activity, they were able to quickly pivot. The event registration tool allowed them to host online courses without encountering the setbacks that many others were experiencing.

Evolve Systems transformed Myopain Seminars’ website that has allowed them to advance their position as industry leaders by using the site as a tool for success.

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