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Orchards of Minnetonka

The Opportunity


Orchards of Minnetonka is a senior living center providing leading care with an environment that fosters community and vibrant living. Orchards of Minnetonka offers activities, programs, and opportunities that support good health and fulfilled wellbeing. With the array of senior living options, it caters to the needs of each resident so individuals and their families feel assured and excited in their services.

Evolve Systems started a partnership with Orchards of Minnetonka when the property was still under construction. With such a competitive market, Orchards of Minnetonka needed to jumpstart their digital marketing strategy to ensure occupancy before the grand opening. Orchards of Minnetonka’s primary goal was to build a website that was simple, informative and engaging, yet provides robust analytics so that data-driven strategic decisions could be made to ensure they were targeting their ideal audience and would be able to fill their space.

Orchards of Minnetonka’s primary goal was to build a website that was simple, informative and engaging, yet provide robust analytics so that data-driven strategic decisions could be made to ensure they were targeting their ideal audience and would be able to fill their space.

By working with a full-service digital agency, it provided the opportunity to develop an online presence while the senior living center was still being built. It initiated a long-term strategy right from the beginning to promote their business while gearing up for future plans, including search engine optimization (SEO) and advanced marketing.

Over the years, Evolve Systems has nurtured the partnership with Orchards of Minnetonka by way of responsive customer service and leading digital strategies developed through business-specific and data-informed analyses.

The Solution


Website Development

To begin, we held the discovery and strategy session, the first step of our Five-Step Process, to uncover the fundamental background and operations of Orchards of Minnetonka. During the discovery and strategy session, we did a deep dive into their business goals, target audience, competition, marketing, and sales process. Followed by in-depth research, Evolve Systems created a customized website and marketing plan designed to achieve their business and online objectives.

Since the website design and development started during construction, the initial website hosted the architectural drawings to showcase the final project which acted as a marketing tool to gather applications. To further build anticipation, the website hosted a construction camera to provide a visual development of the project so visitors and future residents already felt a part of the senior living center.

The website launch aligned with the construction schedule so each step was strategically planned to follow the progression of the business. This allowed the website to act as their primary marketing platform for comprehensive communication about their business, senior living options, and services. It also allowed their target audience to interact with the business before they even opened their doors to initiate a successful kickoff.

Using competitor and industry research, the website catered to Orchard of Minnetonka’s target audience. The modern design included leading UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) considerations for optimal navigation and positive visitor experience, all while presenting Orchard of Minnetonka’s brand voice. The site answered commonly searched questions, highlighted unique services and programs, and provided in-depth information.

It showcased their exceptional healthcare capabilities while highlighting their mission to exceed traditional senior living and instead provide a specialized space of energy and cheer. Specifically, with the high competition among senior living centers, the website targeted location to capture local search results.

Marketing and SEO

Local search continued to be a primary focus during the monthly SEO retainer, along with other best practices that increased Orchards of Minnetonka’s position in the marketplace. The SEO strategies included copywriting to incorporate location-based and relevant keywords to increase search rankings. It also included technical SEO strategies that would heighten their online presence above competitors to reach their target audience online and build brand recognition that would support lead generation.

The marketing and SEO items were strategically determined using an analysis of the website as well as competitor and industry research. Each month’s marketing recommendations followed a strategic approach that would support the goals of the business and website. This is supported by monthly analytics reports generated by Evolve Systems to show improvements, explain progress, and interpret upcoming recommendations.

The Result


The proactive approach to the website allowed Orchards of Minnetonka to establish their credibility in the marketplace. Since the website evolved with the business, it represented the business at each stage through targeted messaging. Using SEO, the website grew its marketing platform through a successful online competition.

With our ongoing SEO management, the visits per page per session have increased by 63% within one year. This means that more visitors are exploring the website to learn more about the business and their services

Within the past year and the heightened attention around website analytics, we have increased the average time on page for all forms of traffic by 226% meaning visitors are staying on the website for a longer duration indicating the content on the site is successfully engaging the target audience

  • Organic traffic up 30.21%
  • Direct traffic up 275%
  • Paid ad traffic up 336%
  • Referral traffic up 150%

These measurements provide a snapshot of how strategic development and ongoing SEO strategies that are determined by analytics can grow a business’s online presence adding value to their business.

Because of the tremendous success, Evolve Systems’ partnership with Orchards of Minnetonka has moved into the next phase, a monthly marketing retainer. This service includes advanced technical and involved marketing to reach Orchard of Minnetonka’s growing goals.

At Evolve Systems, we deem a business’ website as their #1 marketing tool because, for goal-achieving results, you need to ensure the foundation of your online presence (your website) is performing and functioning to both modern and industry standards. With Orchards of Minnetonka’s secure and effective website, we are able to recommend elevated marketing strategies that build off their established website. This includes achieving their goal of using analytics to drive value and traffic to their website.

We understand the natural progress of businesses, so our services are designed to be flexible to your changing business needs while abiding by our proven process. We evolve with your business.

Orchards of Minnetonka is the prime example of how working with a full-service digital agency that focuses on business-specific plans geared towards growth will provide leadership and opportunities alongside your business.

Together, We Can Achieve Your Goals