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SCN, Inc

The Opportunity


SCN Printing Inc. is a design, labeling, and manufacturing company that is built on the passion to provide excellence at every company touchpoint. From customer service to quality products, SCN excels in the competitive labeling industry.

While SCN’s products thrive with leading technology and methodologies, their website lacked the same innovative standard. It lacked the modern capabilities, design, and functionality that SCN needed to maintain its leadership in the market. In order to uphold selling power to the evolving generation and their digital expectations, SCN needed to redo their website to enhance their online presence and effectively target their shifting audience.

Evolve Systems worked with SCN in the past on a variety of projects and established a trusting relationship through responsive customer service and thought leadership. When SCN decided they needed a new website, they wanted to partner with an agency that valued client goals and business while proving loyalty and expertise in the field, so they came to Evolve Systems.

Evolve Systems was equally thrilled to be working with the team at SCN Printing Inc. again and was buzzing with ideas to elevate their business.

The Solution


After Evolve Systems conducted their discovery session with SCN, they dove into creating a comprehensive strategy that contributed to the overall goals of SCN.

To begin, SCN needed to build their website on a platform that supported the modern functionality and feel that they needed in order to perform effectively. This meant building a WordPress website that was flexible to the unique needs of SCN. Evolve Systems created the website design that adhered to the SCN’s branding guidelines to promote brand recognition while upgrading their digital appearance.

The design and development of the website were specifically created through user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) best practices to ensure positive visitor interactions while authentically guiding them through their preferred customer journey. The Evolve Systems team refined and reorganized the sitemap to streamline navigation and highlight key pages.

To further enhance the effectiveness of the website, Evolve Systems wrote and revised the website copy incorporating SEO best practices. The new copy heightened SCN’s communication with visitors and customers by offering detailed information in a condensed manner that would both inform and engage the visitor. Importantly the copy reflected the SCN brand voice as a professional and friendly business that is dedicated to providing the highest quality products.

Lastly, the SCN website was launched on Evolve Systems dedicated WordPress server to ensure the website was properly backed up and maintained.

The Result


Evolve Systems’ work with SCN Printing Inc. resulted in an appealing and functional website that encompassed their business goals and missions.

The new website supported SCN’s position in the industry by presenting a digital presence that reflected a modern standard. The website displayed a business that focused on innovation and leading technology which contributed to their brand awareness and leadership in the field. The inclusion of SEO enhancements gave SCN the capability to effectively compete online by adhering to search engine algorithms. It prepared SCN for long-term success through higher rankings while offering upfront benefits, such as increased user experience.

Now the website could effectively act as a sales and marketing asset for SCN. The reliable functionality enables visitors to perform desired actions without being hindered by poor website setbacks or inconclusive information. Instead, the website supported the visitor at each step through simple navigation, engaging designs, explanatory copy, and more. It became the digital salesperson and marketing team that not only advertised their products but could lead to real conversions.

The new SCN website featured the components and design that would adhere to the expectations of the new generations of decision makers by showcasing their depth of products and services through their website to build partnerships online. In fact, after a few months, the website continues to receive a higher than average dwell time, meaning visitors are staying on the SCN website for a longer duration of time which concludes the website is capturing the audiences’ attention. The website provided a platform for reaching an expanded audience to prepare for future success.

Ultimately, Evolve Systems helped SCN Printing Inc. achieve their goal to develop a website that supported the continued growth of their company.

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